John Lennon - Diary - 1

John: Fifth of September, 1979. Take 1 in the ongoing life story of John Winston Ono Lennon. Talk about 9 Newcastle Road, because that's the first place I remember. And it's a good way to start.

Red brick. Front room. Never used. Always curtains drawn. Picture of a horse and carriage on the wall, which ended up at nanny's place. Aunt Ann, who's still living in Rockferry, Cheshire. Then she sold it. The first thing I remember is a nightmare. There was only three bedrooms upstairs, one in the front on the street, one in the back and one tiny little room in the middle. This is boring, I can't be bothered doing it. Let's think of something else. 

Well, I was listening to the radio and Dylan's new single or album, whatever the hell it is, came on...about "everybody's got to get served"? I mean, what was it? Every..."You've Got to Serve Someone"..."You've Got to Serve Somebody." So, he wants to be a waiter now. He wants to be a waiter for Christ. The backing was mediocre by Jerry Wexler and the singing was really pathetic and the words were just embarrassing.

So, here we sit, watching the might Dylan and the mighty McCartney and the mighty Jagger slide down the mountain, blood and mud in their nails. Well, that's the way the world is, ha ha ha, that's the way the world is, oh yes. The difference between now and a couple of years back is that whenever there was a new thing out by any of the aforesaid, I used to feel a sense of panic and competition. And now, I just feel like even the last few months it's changed. I would send out for their albums or something just to hear it. There doesn't seem any point now.

Let's take a break. How do we break? Just put it off.