Creativity and Celebration

This Site is dedicated to the indomitable spirit within all
A song for those who hear it; to our intentions highest call
to honor the leading edge upon which boundaries long upheld
are pushed and changed and challenged
where the lines all blur and meld
To those who recreate the world with a vision pure and clear
and build from solid hearts penetrating through hypocrisy and fear
Let's co-create with the planet whose systems old and wise
can lend to our creations the gift of a master's eyes

I dedicate to the spirit that knows its magic true
and pulses with the love for life, radiating through and through
let's come together and share our gifts
which are of the greatest worth
Lets come together and share our gifts
for the enrichment of our Earth.
Heaven is a choice that we choose now to create
indeed it is our birthright, indeed it is our fate!
Through music and through movement, art , intimacy and play
we take back every moment
and we learn to seize the day!

Music flows like water from the deep well of my being;
Springing from my hands and voice that have grown to play and sing
Piano and percussion I hold close to my heart
and singing grows inside me; rising to it's part!

 Listen to my Music  

 I write constantly; of my adventures, creations of imagination, poems from the soul.  Check out some stories and poems
  I also love to paint, draw, sing, dance, dream and grow!

Sustainability, Health and the Environment

    I studied at Appalachian State and earned a degree in Sustainable Development.  Here I gained a deep appreciation for our role in this living, breathing planet we call home.  I have studied wild edible plants and mushrooms and other natural living skills, as well as natural building and appropriate technology.  All of my resources are going to the creation and sustaining of projects that will build a bright future for generations to come.

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