This site is to allow Lenches Organisations such as the Village Hall Committees, Sports Club, Lenches Club, Church, School groups etc. to view the calendar when planning community events to try to avoid dates clashing. It can also be available for the community to view to see what is coming up in the Lenches.  At some point it will be publicised in the mesenger.

When a group has decided on an event date then an e-mail to lsrc.lenches@googlemail.com with the dates, times, venue and any other relevant information will ensure that the entry is made on the calendar. It is a good idea to include annual events in the e-mail (Rous Lench Pig roast, Harvest Festival etc.) . A confirmation e-mail will be sent when the event is entered asking for the recipient to check the entry. Notification will also be sent to groups that the event calendar has been changed.

The calendar can be viewed in a number of ways using the tabs at the top. The 'Agenda' tab shows events in chronological order. The little 'down' arrow opens a small calendar which can be nevigated.

Clicking on the event will show more detail such as names of acts, whether or not there is a bar, dress code, times etc.