Applying speech technology to LENA corpora

This workshop is financed with the support of the LabX-IEC, within the program New Ideas (in Linguistics).

Workshop was held on Saturday November 22, 2014 at the Ecole Normale Supérieure (29, rue d'Ulm, Paris, France)

The Language ENvironment Analysis (LENA) system consists of a variety of tools building on daylong audio recordings gathered from infants and children (and those around them) as they go about their normal life. The present workshop seeks to bring together people working with LENA and/or speech technology, to explore synergies and try to build a research network. Specifically, we will discuss the opportunities and challenges afforded by LENA data, and how speech technology could be used to boost LENA's descriptive power. LENA users will describe the datasets they work with and how they think speech technology can help. Speech technology experts will introduce the types of challenges they have worked with in the past and how they think LENA data would be of interest to them. 

The final schedule is availableThe topics that are part of the main program are:

We are having follow-up meetings 
    2015-01-12: watch the gotomeeting video here.
    2015-02-18: watch the gotomeeting video here.

Organizing committee & volunteers
Alex Cristia (CNRS, LSCP) 
Emmanuel Dupoux (EHESS, LSCP) 
Roberta Pinna (EHESS, LSCP)
Rolland Thiollière (LSCP)
Clémence Almeras (LSCP, NPI)
Page Piccinini (UCSD)
Julia Carbajal (LSCP)

Final participant list
If you see errors in the list below, please email

Name (affiliation) Joining email
Alex Cristia (CNRS, LSCP) In person
Camille Fernandes (U Sorbonne-Nouvelle, France) In person
Clémence Almeras (LSCP, France) In person
David van Leeuwen (Radboud U, Netherlands) In person
Emmanuel Dupoux (EHESS, LSCP) In person
Henny Yeung (CNRS, LPP, France) In person
Hung Thai-Van (INSERM, France) In person
Imran Mulla (Ear Foundation, UK) In person
Julia Carbajal (LSCP, France) In person
Kim Coulter (LENA Foundation, USA) In person
Maarten Versteegh (LSCP, France) In person
Marie-Thérèse LE NORMAND (INSERM, France) In person
Mohamed Chetouani (ISIR, France -- couldn't make it) In person
Page Piccinini (UCSD, USA) In person
Paula Fikkert (Radboud U, Netherlands) In person
Petra van Alphen (Kentalis, Netherlands) In person
Thomas Schatz (LSCP, France) In person
Tobias Busch (KU Leuven & Cochlear, Belgium) In person
Ulrika Löfkvist (Karolinska University Hospital, Linköping University, Sweden) In person
Andrew Kendrick (Cochlear) Offline
Mark Clements (Georgia Institute of Technology, US) Offline
Caitlin Fausey (U of Oregon, US) Offline
Christina Bergmann (LSCP, France) Offline
Dongxin Xu (LENA, US) Offline
Hanna Elo (U of Tampere, Finland) Offline
Laura Dilley (Michigan State University, USA) Offline
Marília Lott (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brasil) Offline
Melanie Soderstrom (U of Manitoba, Canada) Offline
Michelle McGillion (U Sheffield, UK, UTC) Offline
Shichuan Du (LENA, US) Offline
Suzi Lima (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brasil) Offline
Tiffany G. Woynaroski (U Vanderbilt, US) Offline
Titia Benders (University of Newcastle; UTC+10) Offline
Adriana Weisleder (NYU, US; UTC-6) Remotely
Alice Eriks-Brophy (U of Toronto, Canada; UTC-6) Remotely
Amanda Seidl (Purdue U; UTC-6) Remotely
Anne Warlaumont (U of C-Merced, US; UTC-8) Remotely
Elika Bergelson (U Rochester, US; UTC-6) Remotely
Hillary Ganek (U of Toronto, Canada; UTC-6) Remotely
Mark VanDam (Washington S U, US; UTC-8) Remotely
Saji Maruthurkkara (Cochlear; UTC+10) Remotely
William Jarrold (Natural Language Understanding; UTC-8) Remotely