Expected results and outcomes

 No.Approx. date
 Special questionnaire (before the 1st meeting) in each organization.
 2 10/2012 Presentations about each partner (country, organization).
 3 10/2012 "Partnership Agreement LENA" signed by each partner.
 4 12/2012 Preliminary course curriculum created by each partner.
 5 05/2013 Different methods of outdoor learning have been implemented.
 6 07.2013 First report about the project is completed, first evaluation of the whole project is done.
 7 01/2014 Presentations on project works, photos about field trips, mobilities created by learners.
 8 03/2014 Leaflet and a presentation about the project, the analysis of different outdoor learning methods is done.
 9 05/2014 Evaluation questionnaire is completed, analysis of project works is done.
 10 07/2014 Website of the project is launched, final report is completed, evaluation of the whole project is done, articles about the project are published.
 11 07/2014 6 training/educational events (between 2012 and 2014) - approximately 150 motivated and skilled adult learners and staff involved in local and transnational activities.
 12 continuous Audio-visual archive of the project works (video and image gallery).