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Associazione Geografica per l'Ambiente e il Territorio

Organisation address: Roma, Lazio, Italy
Project leader: Nicola Franceschi
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Staff involved: Nicola Franceschi, Andrea Natalini
Learners involved so far: 35

Description: AGAT (Geographical Association for Environment and Land) was born in Rome in December 2008, it was created by some students and ex students of the degree courses of „Geography“ and „Land Management and Development“ of Sapienza University of Rome in order to support activities in geographical field of research and environment education. The association is also composed by academic, public and private professionals  working in the geographical field and also by people interested in environmental conservation and development. Currently AGAT promotes the sharing of geographical knowledge and environmental education through organizing cultural activities and work groups on different subjects.  AGAT promotes the use of GIS (Geographic Information Systems) as a tool of environment study and also for spatial data management in different fields of application such as tourism, demography and environment planning. AGAT cooperates with other entities and national geographic associations organizing or participating actively in conferences, meetings and workshops.