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Asociația Nostra Fortuna Tarcea-Ertarcsa

Organisation address: Tarcea, Bihor, România
Project leader: Annamaria Madarasz
Email: nostra.fortuna [at], animadarasz [at]
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Project page:

Organization description: Our institution is a non-profit community association located in a rural area. Our overall goal is to enrich the lives of people in our community. We work to preserve our cultural heritage, history and traditions. We promote lifelong education and learning through courses and various local and international initiatives. Among our objectives in this project is to demonstrate the value and importance of nature. We want to emphasize the danger of ignoring potential misuse of our habitat. Identifying risks to our environment is a first step. After this, following up with environmentally sound alternatives is possible. 

Staff involved
: Annamaria Madarasz
Learners involved: Pap Levente, Csarnó Klára, Csomós Erzsébet, Pap Mónika, Cservid Szilárd Gerzson, Kóka Enikő, Kóka Iuliu Emeric, Szilágyi Maria, Madarász Clara, Kóka Tatiana, Crecan Annamaria, Felvinczi Erzsébet, Felvinczi József, Szabó István, Juhász Kinga, Bogdan Gyula, Bogdan Maria, Gerzon Enikő.

Tarcea staff and learners