Objectives and strategy

The following objectives are included in this partnership project: 
  1. bring together people belonging to different target groups who are interested in nature and natural values, 
  2. educate people by using long-term experience of experts of nature and the method of outdoor learning, 
  3. increase the knowledge of people about nature and natural values in Europe, 
  4. help adult people to improve their lives, 
  5. develop an educational nature conservation method, 
  6. experience people with international cooperation, 
  7. raise awareness about environmental problems and provide expert solutions to solve them by means of education.

We intend to address the following two subjects or problems in one partnership project: 
  1. implementing the tasks of nature conservation in Europe through education and 
  2. providing adult people with the opportunity to improve their lives. 

We educate adults by using the knowledge available in different countries, learning from the experts of nature, and providing personal involvement and activity for people. During this process all participants increase their knowledge about nature, gain experience through various forms of communication, and get better trained for educational work and international cooperation.

We bring together partners from different countries, organize topical lectures and field trips for adult learners, exchange our knowledge about nature-related topics, and advertise the results of learning in the form of meetings and presentations. We use the outdoor learning method in town parks, in countryside and in nature reserves. We publish our results and experience with this project in special leaflets and websites.