When and where are booster meetings held?
Once school begins, booster meetings are held the 2nd Monday or Thursday of the month at 6:00 in the bandroom. (Check the calendar page for the schedule) The meetings are held while the kids are at practice. Mr. McElheney gives us his update before leaving to run rehearsal. ALL parents are encouraged to attend.

How can I help out?
There are numerous ways to help the band, and they occur both behind the scenes and with the kids. Click on the volunteer link to the left for some ideas.

How much time will I devote to the band program?
We are asking that EVERY parent volunteer for a minimum of three hours for each season that your child is involved in the program.

How much time will my child devote to marching band?
The time spent in band can seem overwhelming to new band parents, and in truth, it sort of is! However, please know that your child is spending time in an activity with innumerable benefits, and he/she is surrounded by a great group of people. Many parents are nervous when they send their child to high school, but what we have found is that kids usually make wise choices if they are choose good friends. These good friends are easy to find in band! Chaperone - volunteer - you will see what we mean. These are great kids!

When are the practices during marching season?
Practices are held on Monday and Thursday nights from 6-9. Students need to be ready by 6, and they will be released from practice at 9. They will still need to clean up, though, so do not expect them to be ready in the parking lot right at 9! In addition, there will be several all-day Saturday practices.

What costs are involved in the LHS band program?
Band Camp (usually the last week of July/first week of August) - $50
Marching Season – estimated cost for 15/16 - $300

How are the parent contributions used?
$11,500 on transportation to go to 5 different out of town shows.
$5,000 on hotels for overnight trips.
$2,000 on meals feeding the entire band at every event, all season!
$7,500 on additional band staff and entry fees
Total $25,000

Is the money due all at once?
No, with the exception of $50 for band camp that is due at the beginning of the event.
Here are some suggested ways to contribute:
Option 1: $300 - Paid in full (Sept)
Option 2: $100 paid in Aug., $100 paid in Sep., and $100 paid in Oct.
Option 3: $50 per month until January

What if I can't afford to pay the contribution?
TALK TO MR. MCELHENEY! He will work with you to figure something out. 

What is the function of the LHS Band Boosters?
To support the Lemoore High School Band & Color Guard and director Mr. MacElhaney, and to help run a successful, competitive, and fun program for the students.

Parents already contribute, so why do we fundraise?
Fees only cover a portion of what is needed for the year. In addition to marching season expenses, there is also Winter Guard & Percussion, Wind Ensemble, and Jazz band that travel and participate in activities away from school. 
EVERY student is included in marching season! They travel, they are fed delicious meals, they stay overnight in hotels when competitions are far away….. these costs would add up to MUCH more than just the fees that are requested at the beginning of the year if they were itemized out for us to pay for our kids! 

What else does the money pay for?
Additional money raised by the boosters helps to pay for Mr. Mac’s extra staff assistants needed for marching season, and Winter Percussion and Guard. They all spend a great deal of time with our students learning and performing outstanding programs, we are happy to help pay them! New uniforms were purchased a few years ago by the boosters and a few more are needed!

I don’t want to be on the Boosters Board, so why attend the meetings?
We welcome all parents to attend the once a month Boosters Meetings. We are always in need of new ideas, input from experienced parents on things that do or don’t work, volunteers to support activities throughout the year.

How do I sign up to help?
Sign-up sheets are available at several different events as well as online at our booster webpage, and if we have your e-mail we’ll send out meeting reminders!