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LHS Band Camp (mandatory for ALL students)

July 23 – 27, 2018 from 9AM to 5PM
July 30 – Aug 3, 2018 from 9AM to 5PM (LHS Band Room)
Free Band Camp Performance on Thursday, August 2, 2018 at (tentative) 6PM (Event Center)

Welcome to the 2018 LHS Band Camp. Over the course of 2 weeks, students will receive specialized instruction that will cover the Tiger Pride Marching Band’s standards and expectations, marching technique, dance/movement, performance technique, musicianship and instrumental instruction, in addition to learning the 2018 marching band show, parade, and various pep tunes. These 2 weeks are an integral part of the program, and allows us to get on the same page as a competitive group, start the competitive season off strong, and build our “family.” Below are some FAQs that can help you better prepare for the weeks to come! 

Is there a cost for the camp? If so, what does it cover and when is it due?
Yes. The 2 week camp costs $50 per student. This amount covers 2 weeks of specialized instruction, the 2017 band show shirt (this is part of the band’s uniform), and the performance at the end of the camp. Band camp fees are due by Thursday, July 26, 2018 (can be paid at the band room with Registration Form). If money is an issue, please talk to Mr. McElhaney as soon as possible. Money should never be an issue for a student not being able to participate. Checks can be made payable to LHS Band Boosters. The registration form is available at the very bottom of this page. You can save yourself time by having the form printed and completed when your student arrives on Monday.  If you would like to order extra tshirts for yourself, they can be ordered on the camp registration form; they are $18 and will reflect the theme of the 2018 field show. 

Do the students sleep on campus? If not, what is the camp’s time schedule?
No. This camp runs from 9:00AM to 5:00PM. Punctuality is a major part of our standards of excellence. The band room is typically open around 8:30AM, and camp starts promptly at 9:00AM. Students are dismissed at 5:00PM, in which they usually take approximately 10-15 minutes to clean up. Parents should expect to pick up students around 5:15-5:30PM.  If your student is unable to attend all of the days, please email or speak to Mr. McElhaney as soon as possible. All students will need to sign in each day for attendance.

Is lunch provided? If not, when is lunch?
No. Students are responsible for their own lunches. Students are dismissed for a 1 hour lunch each day (times of lunch dismissal varies between 12:15PM-1:15PM). At this time, students may eat a packed lunch or leave campus. There are minimal restaurant choices that are within walking distance (Betos, Mobile Chinese Food, Rocky’s Donuts, etc…). It’s highly recommended for students to carpool to food places, have parents/family drop off food, or take a pack lunch to help save time.

What does my student need to wear/bring for band camp each day?
  • Students MUST wear work-out or PE attire (shorts, tanks, hats, sunglasses, tennis shoes/sneakers, etc…). Absolutely NO JEANS OR SANDALS.
  • Wear sunscreen! Each day, students will be physically conditioning/marching outside.
  • Students will be brought inside if temperature gets too hot, or air quality is unsafe.
  • Invest in a water jug! Students will go through a TON of water. Insulated half gallon or full gallon water jugs allow students to keep hydrated, and drink cool water. Plastic water bottles typically don’t last very long throughout rehearsals.
  • Bring your music!  Please make sure to bring this in a binder or folder. Music will also be available during band camp.
  • Bring your instrument/equipment! Students will be using their instrument/equipment EVERY SINGLE DAY.
  • Bring a small bag/back pack to hold your belongings. Do not bring any valuables/large amounts of money to camp. Students are responsible for securing their belongings. 
What are some tips for students to prepare for camp?
1. Eat a SOLID breakfast! CARB UP!
We have had a few instances where students have passed out from not eating a substantial breakfast prior to camp. We are training both musicians and athletes. It is imperative to train their bodies accordingly.
2. Practice/learn the music prior to band camp.
Students will receive music at the Winds/Brass Mini Camp. Learning the music ahead of time can allow the student to be more confident during camp.
3. Get in touch with other students in your section/the band!
Social media and the mini-camps are a great place to learn more about your section. The band spends so much time together, that we essentially become a second family. Having a few familiar faces to go to during band camp is a great asset.
4. As a PARENT and STUDENT, be registered on the “Remind App.” Text @lhstigers to 81010.
This is going to be one of the main modes of communication between the band director/staff to the student/parents. Follow the instructions on the “Remind App” flyer to help you get started (you can be registered via mobile phone, email address, or both).
5. Come to band camp with a positive attitude and open mind.
Students will be challenged to step outside of their comfort zone as a performer and individual. There may be certain tasks that is completely foreign. However, we are working towards these goals as a team, and students are asked to keep a positive and open mind. No one is by themselves – we’re all in this together.

LHS Band Booster,
Jul 19, 2018, 11:59 AM