Contributions and Fees

Band Camp (July 25-August 5) - $50
Marching Season – estimated cost for 2016-2017 - $300

For an idea for raising money, please click "Your Financial Contribution" in the sidebar. 

How are the parent contributions used?
$11,500 on transportation to go to 5 different out of town shows.
$5,000 on hotels for overnight trips.
$2,000 on meals feeding the entire band at every event, all season!
$7,500 on additional band staff and entry fees
Total $25,000

Is the money due all at once?
No, with the exception of $50 for band camp that is due at the beginning of the event.
Here are some suggested ways to contribute:
Option 1: $300 - Paid in full (Sept)
Option 2: $100 paid in Aug., $100 paid in Sep., and $100 paid in Oct.
Option 3: $50 per month until January

What if I can't afford to pay the contribution?
TALK TO MR. MCELHENEY! He will work with you to figure something out.
*****IMPORTANT***** If you are having troubles making these contributions, please let me know as we can work something out. Also, the Boosters need to be able to plan how to cover unmet costs.  My e-mail is or my office number is 924-6600 x.367.  Confidentiality will be honored.

Checks may be made payable to LHS BAND CLUB

Why is the student contribution so important?
If the LHS Band Boosters cannot generate enough money through fund raising or contributions, the band will have to cut out events, competitions and possibly needed equipment.
Bottom line: the less money coming into the organization, the less the band will be able to do.

If you would like to make a donation or know someone who can, you can receive a tax write-off by donating to LHS Foundation – Band Boosters Tax ID#77-0502708