It's simple to join. Just text 81010 and enter @lhsbandboo as the message.  


FILL THE SHAKO - Saturday, May 14
TO VOLUNTEER:  Fill The Shako
May 14, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., at intersections along Lemoore Avenue, parents will collect donations from vehicles. Lemoore High School Marching Band will be out in force to raise funds for local and statewide competitions. Help keep the Tigers marching on.
From My Lemoore Leader:
On Saturday, May 14, students and parents from the Lemoore High School Marching Band will take to the streets of Lemoore in an effort to raise much-need funding for the band program with a “Fill the Shako” campaign.
A shako is the hat that is worn with the band uniform, and they will be asking for donations to fill the hats.
The idea for this fundraiser stems from the ongoing California drought. Many schools and organizations were banned from conducting car washes, for many groups, a fundraising staple. So they had to look elsewhere for funding.
“We are looking for a fundraiser that will involve the kids, and will also ask for support from the local community,” said Band Booster President Rebecca Camarena. “In the past years, the size of the LHS band has grown, but with the fiscal conditions of the state government, funding from the district has not been able to keep up. We rely on fundraising to make up the difference.”
The LHS band program has become increasingly competitive in recent years, competing primarily in Clovis but also in both northern and southern California.
“These competitions are important for the kids and the program, but they are expensive,” said Camarena. “The very first time the three busloads of students leave the LHS campus, we have depleted the transportation budget for the entire year. Fundraisers like the “Fill the Shako” campaign will help the band continue to grow and improve.
From 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday, May 14, students will line the intersections along Lemoore Avenue while parents collect donations from vehicles. “Every donation is appreciated and will be put to use to further the music education for the kids of Lemoore High School,” said Camarena.

LHS Band Boosters will be operating a food booth at the Kings County Fair from June 9-12th.  We will be selling steak sandwiches, linguica, and corn, as well as drinks.  Details for time and meeting place will be forthcoming, (they are evening/nights) but it's not too early to sign up.  Kings County Fair

We are going to try it again!  Our booth is in a different location this year (in front of Me and Eds), so we hope with increased traffic, we will increase our profit.  We would like to be open from July 1-4, but if we cannot get enough volunteers to staff the booth, we will remain closed.  Please try to work just one shift.  We've rented a portable air conditioner again this year to try to make the booth more comfortable.  Here is the link to view the available shifts and choose the one that works best with your schedule.  Fireworks Booth


Morning volunteer shift: 9:30-3:30
Afternoon volunteer shift: 3:15-7:30


Wasn't it great to get out of cooking last night?  Well, you can do it again!  Tomorrow (Wednesday, 4/6), plan on going to Deli Delicious in Lemoore between 4-8.  You don't need a flyer; just let them know that you are there for the LHS Band fundraiser.  Deli Delicious is by Starbucks and across the street from RiteAid.  I've attached a flyer you are welcome to use to help spread the word.

Our next booster meeting will be held on Monday, 5/9, in the cafeteria.  The beginning of the meeting will be include incoming parents. We will then hold elections for board officers for the 16/17 school year.  Office include president, two vice presidents, secretary, and treasurer.  If you are interested in a position and would like more information, please let us know.

We have extended the preorder time for the Krispy Kreme donuts.  Money and orders are now due on Tuesday, 4/19.  Please see Mr. McElhaney if you need more tickets.

It is getting close to time for the annual Spaghetti Dinner and Jazz Night on May 3rd.  Students should receive their tickets to see sometime next week; they are due on Thursday, 4/28.

The Spaghetti Dinner will also have a silent auction (donations needed) and the oh-so-fun dessert auction.  More information will be coming soon.

The end of the year band banquet and awards should be held on Saturday, 5/21.  Again, more information will be coming, but save the date!

We are going to try a quick, one day fundraiser (pending administrative approval). On Saturday, May 14th from 9-1, we will canvas Lemoore Avenue for a "Fill the Shako" donation drive.  Students and parents will be needed to flood the   intersections.  Students will remain on the sidewalks with flags, signs, instruments...anything to get attention...while the adults accept donations from the cars.  Please save the date.

Our old band uniforms have been declared surplus inventory by the district, and this means that we now have permission to find a way to sell them.  Believe it or not, there are internet sites set up just for this, as well as Ebay.  What we need is a person who would like to take charge of this.  You would get the information from Mr. McElhaney, post the information on the web, and coordinate the sale.  It's a great behind-the-scenes way to help out on your own time.  Please reply to this email if this sounds like something you could do.

Students will receive pepperoni pizza and bottled water following their awards on Saturday.  Parents are still needed to help.  STUDENT MEAL

     We need your help!  Our main staffing need will be in concessions.  We want to be able to sell food, drinks, and merchandise from various stations in the venue, in addition to running the concession stand.  We need help in hospitality, manning the doors, and selling tickets.  EVERY school in the circuit is coming to championships, and we need to put on a great show.  Please sign up as soon as possible (so I can stop stressing about it!).  There are two shifts, coordinating with the percussion and guard schedules.  I am hoping guard parents work in the morning when percussion is competiting, and percussion parents in the afternoon during the guard competition.  That way, nobody misses seeing their child perform.  Non winter season parent?  Sign up for whichever works best! I've attached a document explaining each job.  
     We are asking parents to donate sodas (in cans), bottled water, and desserts for the hospitality room.  

Again, we need help!  Please contact us if you have any ideas for sponsors.  We are also in need of items for the silent auction.  (We will not be doing a silent auction during the spaghetti dinner this year, so this is the only time we will be asking for items.)  And please publicize it any way you know how.  I'm attaching the flyers.  

KRISPY KREME SALES - March 18-4/12
We are staring the Krispy Kreme donut sales this week.  Each student will receive an order form and five claim check tickets.  We found that these are really easy to sell; if you need more than 5 tickets, your student can check out more.  We will have the materials ready for the kids by the end of the week so they can sell during Spring Break.  All money and orders are due by April 12th.  Donuts will be picked up by the customers on Saturday, April 23rd (which is also Relay for Life day, making it easy for people to remember since many will be at the high school anyway.)


     Signups are ready for our first golf tournament on Saturday, April 16th. We need your help to get the word out. Please distribute and post the attached flyer everywhere you can; your place of work, your social media sites...anyplace that might attract participants.
     We are also looking for donations for the silent auction. This year, we will not be having a silent auction at our Spaghetti Dinner, but will be having it at the golf tournament instead. If you have a donation or know of a company that might like to help, please let us know.
     We will be asking for more help as the date approaches. For now, though, please help us get the word out!

You should have received an email from Victor Rosa, with the subject line LUHSD Parent LCAP Survey 2016.  In the email is a link to the LCAP survey.
Band parents, I cannot stress enough how important it is for you to take the time to fill out this survey.  
Let me give you some facts regarding the band budget at LUHSD: 

* The band's operating budget for 15-16 is $32,619.90.  For fall semester, we had about 130 students.  Winter season has over 60. Spring semester has about 100.  Jazz band has 40.  That means 330 students are served with this budget. That comes out to $99 per student, for transportation AND all other expenses. 

* According to Mr. Tos (former athletic director for LUHSD), fall sports average 375 students, winter has 200, and another 250 are in spring, for a total of 825 students.  The transportation budget for athletics is $75,000.  This means that the athletes are receiving $91 per student, just for transportation costs.  According the the LUHSD budget for 14-15, $558,999 was allocated for "school sponsored athletics".  This is 3% of the overall general fund.  When the salary for the athletic director is subtracted, this leaves $443,224 being spent on athletics.  With 825 students in the program, this comes out to $537 per athlete.

* For the 2015-2016 school year, the district paid $3750 toward transportation costs for the band.  This compares to $75,000 toward athletic transportation. 

* The band's complete operational budget is less than half of the athletic's budget for transportation alone.

* The budget for band has been basically unchanged for the past 3-4 years, despite the increase of band size and the need for a third bus.

* All sports have all league transportation costs covered, as well as at least one tournament.  The transportation budget for band is spent the first time the group leaves the school.  All other transportation costs come from booster fundraising and student contributions.

(Figures were based on 140 fall band members, 60 winter season, and 120 spring season, for a total of 320.  Mr. Tos (at the time, the athletic director) gave me the sports breakdown: 375 athletes for fall, 200 for winter, and 250 for spring, for a total of 825 athletes.)

While I have known this data for quite some time, I did not feel that it was productive to share it with band parents unless there was some action we could take.  Now, with the LCAP survey, we have a voice.

Parents, please take the time to fill out the LCAP survey.  Our students deserve to have music funded in an amount that is equitable with athletics.   

All winter season participants were issue 5 tickets for a pulled pork dinner fundraiser.  By selling these tickets, we hope to be able to reduce the winter season fees for all students.  Tickets are $10 for each dinner, consisting of pulled pork, green beans, rice pilaf, and a roll.  Tickets / money are due by 1/15, and dinners will be distributed on Thursday, 1/21 in front of the band room.  We also need parent and student volunteers to package the food and deliver to the cars as they drive through.  Volunteers are needed from 3:30-6:15.  No paper work needs to be filled out in order to volunteer. Parents are needed to help package the food in the take-out containers and to oversee students distributing the dinners to the cars as they drive through. Please click the link and sign up to volunteer if you are able to help.  
 If you can help, here is the sign-up link:  Pulled Pork Dinner

GOLF TOURNAMENT - committee members needed
Greg Bush and Denise Dean have been hard at work behind the scenes organizing our first golf tournament.  It will be held on April 16, and at this point, we are looking for committee members to help with this event.  If you have ever had experience in planning a tournment, please call Greg Bush and offer your expertise!  Rather than put Greg's phone number out in the internet, please click the link to email me and I will get you in touch with him.  You can email me at

The calendar has been updated, and all events have been created in VolunteerSpot.  While most of the events involve winterguard / winter percussion students, we are going to need ALL parents to help on April 9th.  That's the day when LHS will be hosting the championships for the winter season.  This year, we will be using the Golden Eagle Arena and West Hills College.  Much like the Tiger Classic, this is an event that is going to require help from everyone, even if your student is not involved in the winter season.  The money raised will be used for the entire band/guard program.  Please click the volunteer link and find some way to help.  Besides, volunteering more is a great new year's resolution!

For several of the winter competitions, the guard and percussion will be traveling separately.  That means that we are going to need chaperones and volunteers from both groups!

Here is the link for all winter season events:  Winter Season Volunteer Opportunities

Please join us at the next booster meeting, Thursday, 1/14, just after 6:00 PM in the band room.  (We will most likely be meeting in the back pit storage room which was unheated last time; wear a sweater!)  


While the Tiger Classic was smaller than usual (and smaller than any of us had hoped for), it was still a success, and that is completely due to our wonderful volunteers.  Every spot was filled, and things seemed to run smoothly.    It was nice to hear such complimentary things from visiting staff and spectators.  Please, if you volunteered and had a problem that could be fixed for our next one, please email us and let us know.

We have a home playoff football game on Friday night, and this will be the last time the kids perform the show at home.  We are going to need our usual roster of volunteers.  If you can help, please sign up here: HOME FOOTBALL GAME

I'm looking for some more help for this upcoming weekend.  Our kids are performing at Fresno State on Saturday, and if they score high enough, they will return on Sunday for Grand Championships.  We need to be fully staffed for both days.  At this point, we need more help in all the usual areas (chaperone, drivers, pit crew, and student services).  Here is the sign up link:  WBA CHAMPIONSHIPS  (You can choose the day to sign up; Saturday and Sunday are separate signups).

In addition, we need someone who can pick up the turkey from Raven's in Armona at 12:00 PM and transport it to Fresno State in time to feed the kids by 2:45.  It will already have been paid for; we just need it to be delivered.  If this sounds like something you can do, please sign up here:  PICK UP TURKEY AND DELIVER TO FRESNO

I also need a parent who would be willing to purchase and cook a Stouffer's Veggie Lasagna, and deliver it hot to Fresno State.  If this sounds like something you could do, please sign up here:  VEGGIE MEAL

We will have a warmer available to put the meals in. We should be parked at the corner of Barstow and Cedar.

Students will be fed twice on Saturday.  Upon arrival about 9:45, they will have a breakfast snack of a hot ham and cheese bagel sandwich.  (Plain cheese will also be available).

After their performance, students will have a meal of deep pit turkey, rice, vegetable, and fruit.  A veggie lasagna will also be available.  WOODWINDS (other than flutes/clarinets) ARE ON COOKIE DUTY THIS WEEK!

LHS will be staying for the conclusion of the event, and they will be able to buy food at concessions once they have changed out of uniform.

If students qualify for grand championships on Sunday, we will email out a menu.  We are tentatively planning on sub sandwiches and nachos.  If needed, boosters will supply cookies on Sunday.  (I'm not totally clear about how Sunday works, but I believe the top five groups in each 4A and 5A automatically move on, and the remaining 7 spots are filled by highest scores.)

Single admission good for all Saturday & Sunday performances at both sites
$20.00 for Adults; $15.00 Students & Seniors; 6 and under FREE
All tickets are non-refundable


Tuesday night - Patriotic Concert (Uniforms)

                5:15 Band Room open

                5:30 Ready/move equipment to Event Center

                7:00 Concert Starts


Wednesday night - Veteran's Day Parade

                5:00 Band Room open/begin warming up

                5:20 Walk to downtown

                6:00 Parade starts

TIGER CLASSIC 11/14 - More help needed
     To be blunt, WE NEED MORE HELP!  We have 22 people current signed up to help with this event.  That is less that 17% of our families.  We cannot put on a quality event with this amount of participation.  And we only have one week to make sure everything is staffed and ready to go.
     The Tiger Classic has fewer performing groups this year, making it a shorter show.  Introductions begin at 5:30, and awards are at 8:35. Because of that, I have condensed the jobs into just one shift, rather than dividing them in to two.  Hopefully, this does not cause problems for anyone.
Here is what we still need:
- Parking:  This job starts early afternoon (2:00 ish?).  Two or three more people are needed to meet the buses as they arrive at the stadium, give out the director's packets, stamp the hands of the people on the bus, and direct the drivers to their parking areas.  This job is finished when the last band arrives, which should be just about show start time.  
- Teenage runners:  If you have a teenager who is NOT involved in performing, but who would like some community service hours, we have plenty of jobs.  We could use two kids to help with parking (stamping hands), two to run airgrams from the gate to the announcers booth, two to run judges' sheets from the field to the tabulation booth, and two-four more to help in concessions.
- Concession workers:  Just as it sounds, we need people to work in the concession stand.  We will be selling the regular snack-bar type food, as well as tri tip sandwiches and baked potatoes.  We would be grateful for people who could come before the start of their shift to help set up, as well as those who can stay late and help clean up.
- Spectator management:  We need one more person who could open and close the barriers at the top and bottom of the bleachers at the start and end of each group's performance.    
- Desserts for hospitality:  If you cannot work a shift but would still like to contribute, we need desserts for the hospitality room.  These can be anything that could easily be served from a buffet line; cakes, cookies, cupcakes, pies, etc.  Desserts can be dropped off at LHS stadium from 12:00-4:30 the day of the event.  
Here is the link to sign up:  Tiger Classic
Our kids will be performing in exhibition, so we will also need a regular pit crew.  If you can help with that, here is the link:  Pit Crew - Tiger Classic

Most of our discussion was about making sure we are ready for the upcoming Tiger Classic, but we also discussed upcoming fundraisers.  We approved a popcorn sale.  Kids will take preorders and collect money for the two weeks following Thanksgiving vacation, and the popcorn will be handed out just before they leave for Winter Break.  Students will be responsible for delivering the orders themselves.  
The winter season percussion and guard students will be having a pulled-pork dinner fundraiser in January.  
All band students will be selling Fatte Alberts' take-and-bake pizzas in February, to correspond with Super Bowl.
All band students will be selling Krispy Kreme donuts in March.  
In April, we will be having a golf tournament - more information will be forthcoming.  
May brings the spaghetti dinner and silent Auction.
In June, we have decided to work a food booth at the Kings County Fair, and we may or may not be doing fireworks again in July.  

We will be competing at the Golden State Tournament of Bands at Clovis High School this weekend, and we are still in need of some volunteers.  At this time, we need one more chaperone and one more driver.  The itinerary is not yet out, but I imagine drivers and chaperones will need to be at the band room about 1:00.  We will be feeding the kids upon arrival at Buchanan HS, so we will need help setting up, serving, cleaning up, and getting the plumes ready.  Again, I don't have the schedule yet, but I would guess that it would be about 3:30.  More pit crew help is also needed.  I would guess they need to be at the buses by about 7:00 PM.
If you can help in any way, please sign up.  Golden State

Menu: pasta with meat sauce / marinara sauce; salad: fruit.  CLARINETS AND FLUTES are up to donate cookies.  2-3 dozen from each person, and they do not need to be homemade or individually packaged.  Please drop these off when your student arrives for rehearsal at 9:00 AM.

Performance schedule:

Clovis High School, 1055 Fowler Avenue, Clovis CA 93611
Adults – $12 
Students- $10 
Senior 60+ - $9 
Military I.D. – $9 
Children 5 and under - $5 
Programs $5. 
Air grams $5 no more than 10 per band will be sold. This year, we will be taking Cash or Debit/Credit at both Concessions and Ticket Sales. A 3% surcharge will be added to all credit card transactions

Thank you to all the parents who responded to the survey regarding meeting times.  The preferred time, by a two-to-one margin, was just after 6:00 PM.  We will be making final plans for the Tiger Classic, so this is a very important meeting.  We hope to see many of you there.  (And if you have to come late, don't worry...we'll understand!)

Students (and parents) interested in participating in the winter percussion season are encouraged to attend a meeting for more information. This is open to all students who are interested (including visual ensemble). It will cover the schedule for the season, expectations, and some financial information. Parents are encouraged to come, but not required. There will be a mandatory parent meeting in a few weeks.

PATRIOTIC CONCERT - Tuesday, 11/10
Students performing in the LHS Patriotic concert will need to be dressed in concert black.  Students, please ask Mr. McElhaney and your section leaders for more details.

VETERAN'S DAY PARADE - Wednesday, 11/11
Students are encouraged to take part in the Lemoore Veteran's Day parade on Wednesday, 11/11.  Mr. McElhaney will be giving more information to the students.

We need MUCH more help to run this event.  Please sign up as soon as possible so I can stop worrying!
Jobs needed:
Parking - two or three people to meet the buses in the parking lot, direct them to their area, and distribute the information to the directors.  
Ticket Sales - sit at the entrance to the stadium selling tickets at the gate.  We will provide a cash box, a hand stamp, and a heater!  (two shifts)
Student runners - RESPONSIBLE students (often siblings of band members) to run the judges sheets from the field up to the announcers booth.  Will also be in charge of getting the judges anything they need from hospitality.  
Spectator management in the stadium - open and close the barriers to allow spectators access to the bleachers only when the bands are not performing.  Will be able to see the whole show!
Concessions - work in the snack bar - much help here is needed.  This is also good community service for some of our older non-band students and siblings.  Two shifts available.

We also need donations of desserts for the hospitality room.  These can be dropped off at the LHS stadium in the afternoon of 11/14.

Please sign up ASAP:  Tiger Classic

I'm hoping a few more of you will be able to volunteer to help on Saturday.  At this point, we only have one chaperone.  The same three people have chaperoned for the past two weekends, and I think we are hoping we might be able to take this one off.  Please sign up early if you can so that we can know that things are taken care of.  Here is the link, and a list of people who have already signed up.  Fresno State

Our menu is still being finalized, but it is most likely going to be some kind of a tri tip sandwich.  BRASS IS UP TO DONATE COOKIES!  Two-three dozen per student, please.  They do not need to be homemade or individually packaged.
TICKETS : Admission: $14.00 General Admission; $10.00 Senior Citizen/Students/Children 
Gates Open: 1:00pm 


Even though Monday is a day off from school, there will be rehearsal as usual on Monday night.

We need more help with our competition on Saturday.  The itinerary has already been posted.  
Currently, we have the following parents signed up to help:
Chaperones and drivers should plan on arriving at 7:00 AM.  We will need parents helping prior to the parade, making sure the shoes are clean and uniforms are ready for inspection, probably around 9:00 AM.  Those feeding the students should be at the buses by 11:30.  Pit crew needs to be ready at the buses by 4:30 (estimate).  
Here is the link to sign up:  Visalia Band Review

Here are the parade and halftime schedules:
Students will only be provided one meal on Saturday, and it's going to be a long day.  There is no guarantee that they will have time to purchase food at the concession stand, so all students are strongly encouraged to pack snacks for the evening.  They also need to make sure that they have eaten a good breakfast before they arrive at the band room in the morning.

The lunch menu will be:
     deli sandwiches (variety of cold cuts, as well as a vegetarian option)
PERCUSSION / PIT - you guys are up for the cookie donations this week.  Guard did a great job last week; don't let them show you up!  Cookies do not need to be homemade or individually packaged.  

Here is the link to sign up:  Football 10/16    Current volunteers are:


In order to work around the Tiger Classic, we have rescheduled November's booster meeting to Thursday, 11/5 at 6:30 in the band room.  

     With the excitement and planning of our first competition, the fact that the tri tip dinner is in a week seems to have sneaked up on me!  In order to make sure things run smoothly, we are going to need some help.  I know that many of you do not have the Columbus Day holiday off, which means that we are really going to need to rely on those of you who do.
     We need three people to help with the seasoning and cooking of the tri tips.  You would need to be available from 11:00-3:00.  
     We need six-eight people to help with the wrapping of the cooked tri tips as they come off the grill.  We would need you from about 1:00-4:00.
     We need eight-ten people to help with the distribution of the dinners and the overseeing of the bake sale.  We need you from 3:30-6:30.
     We need parents to drop off clearly labeled ice chests by 12:00, and to pick them up by 6:30.  We will be using them to store the cooked tri tips.
     We need families to buy sodas.  Food Co in Hanford has Pepsi 2-liters on same for $.98 through Tuesday.  We are asking for Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Sierra Mist, and Orange.  If you are able to buy some, please sign up on the volunteer spot page so we can have a clear idea of what we still need to purchase.  The sodas need to be dropped off at the band room at 12:00 on Monday, 10/12.  
     Finally, we need bake sale donations.  Individually wrapped items are needed.  Please drop them off at the band room any time from 12:00 - 3:00. 
     Here is the link to sign up:  Tri Tip Dinner

ITINERARY Washington Union 10/10 

     We are looking for more volunteers for the Visalia parade and field show competition on Saturday, 10/17.  This one is different from what we usually do, as it includes a parade competition in the morning, and a field show competition in the afternoon.  Last year, students reported to the band room at 6:3o AM, and as I remember, we were home by about 6:00 PM.  Please make sure they have had a good breakfast before coming to school.  The boosters will be feeding them lunch. (We do have a home football game the night before, so you will probably want to make sure to have as much done ahead of time as possible.)  
     Part of the parade competition includes a uniform inspection.  We need parents to help make sure the students' uniforms and shoes are clean.  Please meet the kids at the staging area armed with "wet wipes" to wipe off dirt/scuffs from shoes, shakos, uniforms, and instruments.  Parents do not need to chaperone/finger print cleared to help with this! Please sign up under "Student Services". The buses will be parking on Giddings (west of the stadium) to drop off the kids. The buses will then be moved to Conyer (east of the stadium) after the parade. We will need to find another place to park for all of our equipment. Mr. McElhaney will research this and let us know.
     After the parade, the students will be eating their main meal.  Last year, the eating time was 10:30am.   Percussion/Pit are up for cookie donations this week.  Cookies do not need to be homemade or individually packaged.
     Awards are at 4:00(ish) and Mr. McElhaney is estimating the return time to be about 6:30.  

As a recap, we are looking for parent help in the following areas:
- Chaperone (at least two more; must have been fingerprinted and cleared through LUHSD)
- Driver (at least two more;must have been fingerprinted and cleared through LUHSD)
- Student Services - help with parade, help feed students (at least 5 more - no clearance needed)
- Pit Crew - meet at the buses at 1:30 (at least 6 more - no clearance needed)
Here are the current  volunteers as well as the link to sign up: Visalia Band Review

FIRST COMPETITION OF THE YEAR! Washington Union Preview of Champions 10/10
     The first competition of the year is quickly approaching.  The students have been given the itinerary.  I will send it out once I receive a copy.  
For those of you who are new to the competitive marching band world, you are going to learn that competition days are long ones!  
     The boosters will be feeding the kids dinner on Saturday; I will email out the menu as soon as it is finalized.  Last year, we began a tradition that we would like to continue.  Each section is assigned an event, and we ask that section to bring 2-3 dozen cookies.  They do not need to be homemade or individually packaged.  The student service volunteers will place the cookies individual serving bags, and the kids receive them as they are loading the busses to come home.  It's a nice treat.  For the first competition on 10/10, we are asking the GUARD to provide the cookies.
Here is the information about the Washington Union show from the WBA webpage:

We are in need of more help for our first competition on 10/10.  We need at least two more drivers (who must be cleared by the LHS district) and at least two more chaperones (who also must be fingerprint cleared by the LHS district).  When at the competition, we also need pit crew volunteers to help move the equipment on and off the field.  If you can help, please sign up as soon as possible so I can stop worrying!
Here are the volunteers we have so far, as well as the link to sign up.  Washington Union Volunteers

With the exception of Visalia on 10/17 and our own Tiger Classic on 11/14, LHS competes in the Western Band Association circuit.  You can see detailed schedules for each of the events at the WBA site: Western Band Association
After the competition, you can also go here to view the score sheets.

Our October booster meeting is this coming Monday, 10/5.  Due to member requests, we have moved the start time back to 6:30.  The meeting will be in the bandroom.  Agenda items include final preparation for the tri tip dinner, organization of the Tiger Classic, and logistics for the upcoming competitions.  All parents are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Please don't forget to turn in money and any unsold tickets by Monday, 10/5.  That means that your student still has this weekend to sell their remaining tickets!

     This Friday is the LHS homecoming, and the band will have a role to play.  At 3:30, band members should be at the band room, dressed in purple and gold, ready for the homecoming parade.  They will walk to downtown Lemoore, where the parade will begin at 4:00 down D street.  It's a very quick event, so don't be late if you want to see it!  The whole thing is over in about 10 minutes.  
     After the parade, they will return to the band room where the boosters will provide dinner.  On the menu is teriyaki beef, stir fry vegetables, and rice.  Macaroni and cheese will be available for the vegetarians.
     We could use some parents to help with setting up and serving the dinner.  If you can help, please be at the band room by 4:00.  The kids will be fed right outside, so we will need plates and utensils set up on the tables, as well as Gatorade to be made.  (I will not be there, so we will need someone to take charge!)  Here is the signup to help if you can:  Homecoming Dinner
     For Friday night's game, the kids will not be doing a halftime show, so we will not need a pit crew.  However, they will be playing in the stands, and we will still be working the concessions booth, so all other volunteers are still needed.  Here is the link for that: Homecoming Game

The booster board met with Mr. Brumit (LHS principal) yesterday.  Our agenda was increasing district funding of the band program to make it more equitable with other programs on campus, specifically athletics.  It was a productive conversation, and we left with the hope that transportation funding would be increased for this year, and that the entire budget would be reevaluated when the 16/17 budget is created in January or February of this year.  When I have more specific numbers, I will pass those on. 
The increase in transportation allowance would free up some booster money to help purchase instruments and other items needed to directly help the band program. 

The boosters are looking for a parent or two who would be able to complete electrical maintenance on the small white trailer that is used when we travel to events.  If this is in your area of expertise, please email and I will get you in touch with Mr. McElhaney for the specifics.

HOMECOMING Friday 9/25
Friday's schedule will be different from other home football games. I don't have the call time yet, but my guess is that students will need to be back at school by about 3:00 PM. Students are encouraged to wear school colors (purple and gold) for the parade. (Last year, Sally's Fashions by KMart carried both purple and yellow bandannas, for what it is worth.)

The band will be performing at the homecoming parade through downtown Lemoore at 4:00. They will return to the band room immediately after, and we will be providing dinner for the kids. If you would like to help with serving the food, please be at the band room at that time. At this point, we are still finalizing the menu, but I will email it out when we are certain.

The band will not be performing a halftime show, due to the crowning of the homecoming court. This means that we will not need a pit crew. The band will be playing in the stands, though, so we still need parents to set up and maintain the water for the kids.

We are expecting a larger crowd due to it being homecoming, so we could use additional help at the concessions booth. I would like to have it staffed with 5 people for both shifts. 6:00-8:00, and 8:00-10:00.

It is most likely going to be another warm night, and if we can have two people to sell lemonade in the stands, it would certainly be profitable.

Here is the link to sign up to help: Homecoming Game

Please check out the LHS music's instagram account (@lhsmusic) for current pictures of the fall season.

We have our second home football game this Friday, and we could use a bit more help.
At our concessions booth this year, we are selling beef kabobs, corn, and lemonade. This means that we are going to need more help than last year. We are not preparing the kabobs ahead of time, so we need people at 6:00 to help skewer the meat.
I know that I can count on several of you to come and volunteer even when you don't sign up, but can I please convince you to sign up anyway? It helps me plan and prepare, and most importantly, not worry!
Here is the link to sign up: Football Game

Also, at our booster meeting last week, we discussed the need to have some volunteers have their food handling certificate. While this is definitely NOT required to help, it is recommended. I did mine here: It took less than an hour, cost $9.99, and is good for three years. If you do this, please give me a copy of the certificate so I can keep it in our volunteer binder.

Our September booster meeting is tonight, just after 6:00 PM in the band room. The agenda is viewable by clicking the "Agendas and Minutes" page to the left.  We hope to have many parents join us.

     The first football game is Friday night. There is no JV game prior, due to the air quality, and the varsity game begins at 7:00 PM.
     We are looking for 2-4 people to sell lemonade in the stands. We have a stadium vending tray to make it easier. This is a great way for us to increase our sales, especially with the hot weather we are having, but we can only do it if we have the volunteers.
     Here is the link to sign up for any of the volunteer positions for tomorrow night:
Football Game Volunteers

     The first home football game is Friday, 9/11 at 7:00 PM versus Buchanan. I have heard that this game will also be televised, which is why it is beginning at 7:00 rather than the usual 7:30.
We are still in need of some volunteers.
     Student Services set up - report to the band room by 5:30. Fill the orange water containers with ice and water, and take them and the water bottles to the stands. Put out the yellow cushions on the band's bleacher seats.
     Student Services - during game. Sit by the band in the stand and fill the student water bottles as needed.
     Concessions - Set up. Report to the stadium about 6:00. Help set up the area where we will be selling small candy items, barbequed beef kabobs, cups of Mexican corn, and lemonade. Work the stand through halftime.
     Pit Crew - Report to the bandroom by 6:00 to help move equipment to the field. Help move front ensemble equipment on and off the field at halftime.
     Concessions - Clean up - report to the stadium to help sell items. (NOT in the main concessions stands, but we have a spot on the grass. Find the large barbeque and white shade structure and that's where we will be.) Help clean up and put things away at the end of the game.
     There will be volunteer lanyards in the band room for those reporting there, and we will have more at the band concession area - just holler at us from the fence and we will give you one. All lanyards need to be returned at the end of the night, either to the band room or to the band's concession table. The lanyards will give you free admission to the game.
     Here is the link to sign up if you are able to help. You do not have to sign up for more than the game on 9/11, but you are certainly encouraged to do so. Honestly, it's a lot of fun!

I am also including a screenshot of the current volunteers.

Our next booster meeting is Thursday, 9/10, just after 6:00 PM in the band room. We will be working on getting things ready for the busy fall season, and we would encourage all parents to join us.

I'm putting out a second request for parent and student help at the pulled pork dinner on Wednesday.  The food will come prepared; we need parent help inside the cafeteria to package the food into the to-go containers.  We need student help and parent supervision to distribute the containers to the customers as they drive through the lot.  Please click the link if you will be able to help from 3:30-6:15 on Wednesday, 8/19.
Pulled Pork Dinner

All parents are requested to attend the parent meeting tomorrow (Monday, 8/17) just after 6:00 PM in the LHS Presentation Centers (next door to the band room).  Mr. McElhaney will be giving information about the needs and expectations for the fall season.  Then, please stay for the first booster meeting of the year.

If this year runs like previous ones, students will most likely be released from band camp early on Thursday so that they have time to go home before returning for the concert.  The concert begins at 6:30, so I'm guessing that the kids will need to be back at school no later than 5:30 - just a guess, as I haven't heard anything from Mr. McElhaney as of this time.  I would think that they kids will probably be released from band camp somewhere around 4:00 on Thursday.

The show tshirts will not be ready in time for distribution at the concert.  Mr. McElhaney is planning on passing them out during the first week of school.  He has the list so he knows which families ordered which sizes.

Also, I believe that there is no band camp on Friday, 8/7.  I'll update you if that is wrong.

     Mr. McElhaney will have a mandatory parent meeting on Monday, 8/17, just after 6:00 PM in the Presentation Center (next door to the band room).  He will get the kids started on their practice and then start the meeting.  This is when he usually goes over the fall schedule as well as the expected costs for the season, and he asks that all parents please attend. 
     Immediately after the meeting, we will have the first booster meeting of the year.  Please stay, find out what has been happening, and let your voice be heard.  We need input and ideas from all parents!

     We had two executive board meetings over the summer, primarily to create an operating budget for the group and to pursue 5013C tax exempt status. We decided to hire the services of Rachel Carlsen, CPA. When the process is complete, we will be our own tax-exempt organization, enabling us to consolidate our accounts rather than having to divide our earnings between our own account at the LHS Foundation. We will then use the Foundation account as our savings, and all of our earnings and expenses will come out of the LHS Band Booster account. We are hoping to have this process complete within another month.
     We looked at our fireworks earnings, which were down for about the 4th year in a row. Unless TNT can secure us a better spot, we voted to suspend fireworks sales for 2016. Instead, we are going to try to have a food booth at the Kings County Fair.
     We voted to approve a loan to South Valley Winter Arts Association in the amount of $500 to help with start-up costs. This is the new winter guard/ winter percussion circuit that we will be with, in place of SJVCGPR.
     We are in the process of updating and revising our bylaws, but we were advised to table that until we have received our 501c3 designation.
     According to our by-laws, officer terms are to be for one year. However, since we are in the midst of incorporating, we have been advised to retain current officers. As an organization, we need to decide if you want to continue current officers for all of 15/16, or if you want to hold officer elections once we have completed the incorporation process.   A decision on this will be made at our first booster meeting.

     LHS orientation is scheduled for this Thursday and Friday.
     On Thursday, freshman are welcome to attend the LINK crew welcome in the morning. However, this is not required and it is a personal decision about sending your student. During this time, they will play games and take a tour of the campus. (For what it is worth, I did not send my daughter when she was a freshman. She had already bonded with a good group of kids during band camp, and she was comfortable with the campus layout, so she attended band camp that morning instead.)
     In the afternoon on Thursday, freshman will attend orientation according to the time specified on the card in their packet. Mr. McElhaney is requesting that students return to band camp as soon as they are done.
     Sophomores, juniors, and seniors will attend registration on Friday, also on the time specified in their packet. This is different from past years; the band will not be going to registration all at the same time. Again, Mr. McElhaney is asking that the kids hurry back to band camp.
     Be sure to take the following items to orientation, or you will not be allowed in:
          Emergency card (yellow) -it's the back of the card that says what time the student will register)
          Responsible Use Acknowledgement (purple) - computer usage
          Lunch application (white)- required from ALL students
          Student information form (coral)
          Student health update (white)

     We are starting our first fundraiser. Proceeds from this fundraiser will be applied to lowering the total cost needed for student band costs. We will be starting on Wednesday, July 29 and finish on August 14th, 2015. Our goal is to sell 625 tickets – or 5 tickets per student.
The students will be selling Take out Dinner Tickets. Included in each dinner will be Pulled Pork, rice pilaf, green beans and a roll. The dinner will held be on Wednesday August 19 from 4-6 p.m. Dinners may be picked up in the parking lot in front of the band room. Each ticket sells for $10.00.
     If 5 tickets are sold, the student’s name will be recorded for and end-of-the-year reward trip. More information regarding this trip will be coming.
     We also need some parent volunteers to help with dinner distribution on August 19th. No paper work needs to be filled out in order to volunteer. Parents are needed to help package the food in the take-out containers and to oversee students distributing the dinners to the cars as they drive through. Please click the link and sign up to volunteer if you are able to help.  Pulled Pork Dinner 2015
     If you have any questions, please call Denise at 779-1052.
     Thanks for all your help!

     By now, your student should have completed and turned in their band camp registration form.  This is important, as it is how we find out what size band shirt to order for your student.  If you need a new registration form, you can find one at the bottom of this page or on the "Forms" link in the left sidebar.
     If you are planning on ordering an extra tshirt, be sure to have your order form and money turned in to the LHS band room by the MORNING of Thursday, 7/30.  Shirt orders will be placed that afternoon, so late orders will not be accepted.

     Band Camp begins tomorrow.  Doors to the band room will open at 8:30, and we will be collecting registration forms and payment.
     By now, your student SHOULD have given you the registration form, but because they are teenagers, there is a good chance that they forgot.  You can find the form at the bottom of this page or under the "Forms" link on the sidebar. Please  have the form completed prior to arriving at the band room.
     The $50 can be in cash or a check (made payable to LHS Band Boosters).  It is fine to postdate your check to August 1 if that makes it easier for you. 
     Be sure your student brings sunscreen and plenty of water to camp all week.  Practice will run until 5:00, after which they need to clean up and put things away.  Students should be ready for pickup by about 5:10.

     The band camp fee pays for instructors for the two weeks as well as the student's show tshirt. This is the shirt that students will wear under their uniform during performances. Many families like to purchase additional shirts for other family members, and these are $18 each.  You may add those extra orders to the band camp registration form and include the payment with the $50 camp fee. ALL TSHIRT ORDERS MUST BE IN BY THURSDAY, 7/30.  Orders after that date will not be accepted...sorry! 

     The first fundraiser of the school year will begin during the first week of band camp.  Each student will be issued 4 tickets for a pulled pork dinner ($10 each).  These individual dinners include pulled pork, rice, green beans, and a roll.  Dinners will be distributed drive-thru style on Wednesday, August 19th.  I do not have the date that tickets/money are due, but once I have that information, I will pass it on.
     This fundraiser benefits the LHS Band Club, and profits made will go toward reducing the student financial contribution for marching season.  We are asking each student to sell at least their four tickets; if they need more, just ask Mr. McElhaney for another envelope.
     The Band Boosters are planning an reward incentive for students who sell at least their minimum tickets...stay tuned for more details.  
     If you have any questions, please let me know and I'll do my best to get the answer for you.

UPDATE:  Here is the video from the event.  Thank you to Jen for organizing it, and to all the kids who danced!

YouTube Video

      Jennifer Alanzalon, LHS color guard instructor, is leading a group dance mob in honor of National Dance Day.  This is open for ALL people, and no dance experience is required.  We'd like to encourage all LHS band students to take part.  She will be teaching the choreography on Thursday from 9-11, which conflicts with winds rehearsals, but she will also be teaching it on Saturday, 7/25, from 9-11.  Then, the group will be videotaped from 11-noon.  My guess is that this videotape will be submitted to the show So You Think You Can Dance.  Several years ago, scenes from LHS band camp were selected to be shown; you can see that video on the "Videos" link on the sidebar.
     Rehearsals and videotaping will take place at the Lemoore Downtown Park - meet by the gazebo.  
     Jen is asking that all people wear something easy to move in, and don't forget to bring your own water and snacks.  
     For more information or to contact Jennifer with any questions, join the group on Facebook:  Lemoore National Dance Day.  You are welcome to share this on your social media sites.  It would be great to have a huge group!

I had a parent ask about the logistics of lunch during band camp, and I always figure that if one person asks, others must be wondering too. Now, I can't guarantee that this is how things will work this year since I'm not directly involved in the logistics, but I can explain how things have worked in the past.
Lunch is always an hour, and it usually runs from 12-1. Sometimes they might be released a little bit before or a bit after, but regardless, they will have an hour to eat.
Students really have four options. 1). They can bring their lunch from home in the morning and stay on LHS campus to eat. Normally, eating is not allowed in the band room, but Mr. McElhaney usually is a bit lenient with this rule during band camp. They can also go to the outside tables around campus to eat. 2). Students can have parents bring them a lunch close to lunch time. It is requested that if you do this, you wait in the parking lot for your child to meet you at your car, rather than going in to the band room yourself. 3). Parents can pick up their students and take them someplace for lunch. They will need to be back on time! 4). Students are free to leave the LHS campus and go someplace for lunch. Across from the high school are Betos and China Inn (closed on Mondays). Further down Bush are the Mobil station which sells Chinese food, Dominos Pizza (on D street), Popeye's, and Gunny's Sandwiches. Those are really the only places where students could walk to and still make it back to the band room on time. If you are going to Betos, Dominos, or Gunny's, call your order in first so it is ready when you arrive.
Betos - 924-4101
Dominoes - 924-3581
Gunny's - 924-7700 (Gunny's is the furthest; kids would need to eat while walking back).
Regardless of what your student plans on doing for lunch, it's important that students be back to practice on time! The bandroom will remain accessible throughout the lunch break.

     We use VolunteerSpot to coordinate our volunteer needs, and all signups for the fall season are now available.  We need everything from stadium vendors at football games to chaperones to food service.  There is truly something for everyone.
     We are asking that EACH parent contribute at least one shift during the fall season.  To be sure you are able to get the job and date you want, sign up early!
     In order to chaperone, parents need to have been fingerprint cleared.  If you were cleared through Liberty (Lemoore UESD), those records DO NOT transfer and you will need to go through the process and pay the fee again.  Volunteers fingerprinted through Akers (Central UESD) do transfer; you will just need to fill out the forms and arrange to have the records send to LUHSD.  Mr. McElhaney has the forms that you need to complete the chaperoning registration.
     All other volunteer jobs do not need to have paperwork completed.  All you need to do is to click the link, choose the job you want, enter your email, and mark your calendar.  It's really easy, and there will always be someone around to answer your questions and explain what to do.  
     You can access the signup page by clicking the "Volunteer Sign Ups" link in the sidebar, or by clicking here:  Volunteer Sign Ups  

All winds players(which is everyone except for percussion and guard) will have rehearsal this Tuesday, 7/21, and Thursday, 7/23.  Rehearsals run from 10-1 and will be in the band room.  Students who did not attend the first two rehearsals are still encouraged to attend this week.

     Band camp is coming!  ALL band students (winds, percussion, and guard) are required to attend band camp beginning on Monday, 7/27.  Doors will open at 8:30 to collect registration forms and the $50 fee (checks can be made payable to LHS Band Boosters).   The registration form is available at the very bottom of this page. You can save yourself time by having the form printed and completed when your student arrives on Monday. 
     If your student is unable to attend all of the days, please email or speak to Mr. MacElhaney as soon as possible. All students will need to sign in each day for attendance.
     Band Camp run

s from 9:00-5:00 each day, Monday through Friday, and students usually have about an hour lunch break (the time each day could vary). Make sure your student has arrangements for lunch. 

     Students need to wear athletic clothes (no jeans!) and good supportive athletic shoes.  Students also need to have sunscreen and PLENTY of gets hot when they are outside learning the show! 

 Most students bring a one-gallon insulated water jug, clearly marked with their name.  A regular sized water bottle will not be enough.
     When students arrive for camp on Monday, they need to turn in a camp registration form and their payment.
     All students participating in band camp will receive the 2015 show T-shirt. If you would like to order extras for yourself, they can be ordered on the camp registration form; they are $18 and will reflect the theme of the 2015 field show. 
     Camp begins at 9:00, and the band room will open at 8:30 on Monday for registration.
     On Thursday, August 6, the students will put on a concert to display all that they have learned during camp.  The concert will be at 6:30 in the LHS Event Center.
     ***Directions for coordinating Band Camp with LHS Orientation (freshman on 7/30 and all others on 7/31) will be given to students during Band Camp.

BAND CAMP REGISTRATION FORM:  A printable version can be found on the "Forms" link on the sidebar or by clicking here: Forms

All students who play wind instruments are highly suggested to attend rehearsals this week.  On Wednesday, 7/8, rehearsal will run from 10:00-2:00 in order to distribute instruments.  On Thursday, 7/9, rehearsal will run from 10:00-1:00.  

These rehearsals include incoming freshman.  It's a great time for them to get to know their section in a smaller environment, as well as begin learning the music for this fall's field show.

Rehearsals will be held in the LHS band room.  

I'm sorry for such late notice, but we have decided to open the fireworks booth earlier than scheduled on Friday, 7/3, to take advantage of any holiday shoppers since many people have the day off.

We are looking for a couple of volunteers to help staff the booth from 12-3 tomorrow.

And, we are still looking for a few more people who might be able to work from 4-7 and from 7-10 on Saturday, July 4th.

If you are able to help us out, here is the link:  Fireworks Booth

Finally, I want to send a huge thank you for the parents who have already signed up.  You are amazing!

FIREWORKS - THANK YOU! (But you still have time to help)
WOW!  You guys have really come through for the kids!  Last year, we never passed 20% staffed, so we really relied on four people to staff the booth, and they worked every shift every day.  We vowed not to let that happen again, and thanks to your generous gift of time, we are now almost 70% staffed.

We are still looking for more help on Thursday 3-6, Friday 6-9, and Saturday 1-4. 4-7, and 7-10.
Here is the sign up link:  Fireworks Booth

I especially would like to thank our first-time volunteers, some of whom are parents of incoming freshman.  It's great to see you getting involved, and I hope you find it both fulfilling, and dare I say, fun!

Even if you are not able to volunteer, please encourage your friends, neighbors, and coworkers to shop at our booth.  We are the only booth in town that supports public education.

If you are able, please copy and post the following photo advertising our fireworks booth to any and all social media sites.  We need to get the word out and attract customers to our booth when it opens on Wednesday.  

We still need more volunteers, especially on Wednesday and Saturday.  Here is the link:  Fireworks Boothas well as a current list of volunteers. 
 I still don't see any of our recent LHS graduates (hint, hint). Thank you for signing up!

It's the time of year for me to again beg for help for our fireworks booth.  Like last year, we will be in the LHS Event Center parking lot.  The exciting news???  WE HAVE RENTED AN AIR CONDITIONER FOR THE BOOTH!  If you have ever worked in a booth before, you understand why this is caps-lock worthy news!  

We need parents and students 18 and over to help us man the booth.  Shifts are three hours each.  (And did I mention the air conditioner???)   Graduated seniors (who are 18), this is a great opportunity to give back to the program that gave you so much. 
Last year, our volunteer turnout was dismal, meaning that four people ended up working every shift every day.  We have vowed not to let this happen again.  This year, we are only going to open the booth if we have enough volunteers.  

Yes, this means that our fundraising potential is at risk, but we simply cannot ask four parents to carry the burden.

We are hoping to open the booth from July 1-4.  For July 1-3 (Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday), we will open from 3-9.  For Saturday, July 4, we would like to be open from 10-10. 

Please find three hours to help us out.  Here is the link to sign up:  Fireworks Booth

Again, we will not open the booth unless we can fully staff it. 

July 8, 9, 21, and 23  - Woodwinds/Brass Only 10:00-1:00  (July 8 - 10-2, to allow for instrument distribution)
July 27-August 7 - BAND CAMP - Mandatory for all sections (M-F, 9:00-5:00)
August 6 - 6:30 - Band Camp Concert (LHS Event Center)
August 12 - First day of School

While some of the practice dates at this point are still tentative, the competition, performance, and meeting dates have been added.

It's time to start practicing for the 2015 fall season! Rehearsals for wind instruments will begin on Wednesday, 7/8 from 10:00-2:00. Other dates are Thursday 7/9, Tuesday, 7/21 and Thursday 7/23, and these rehearsals will be from 10:00-1:00. While Band Camp is MANDATORY, these wind rehearsals are voluntary (but strongly encouraged!). If you have any questions, please click the email link at the top right of this page and let us know. We will get back to you with an answer. Rehearsals are held in the band room.


     LHS Band Camp begins on Monday, 7/27 at 9:00 AM in the band room. This is considered a mandatory practice for all students who are taking part in band. If your student is unable to attend all of the days, please email or speak to Mr. MacElhaney as soon as possible. Students will need to sign in each day for attendance.

     Band Camp run

s from 9:00-5:00 each day, Monday through Friday, and students usually have about an hour lunch break (the time each day could vary). Make sure your student has arrangements for lunch. Students also need to have sunscreen and PLENTY of gets hot when they are outside learning the show! 


     When students arrive for camp on Monday, they need to turn in a camp registration form and their payment. The registration form is available at the very bottom of this page. You can save yourself time by having the form printed and completed when your student arrives on Monday. The cost of band camp is $50, with checks made payable to LHS Band Boosters. 
     All students participating in band camp will receive the 2015 show T-shirt. If you would like to order extras for yourself, they can be ordered on the camp registration form; they are $15 and will reflect the theme of the 2015 field show. 
     Camp begins at 9:00, and the band room will open at 8:30 on Monday for registration.
     On Thursday, August 6, the students will put on a concert to display all that they have learned during camp.  The concert will be at 6:30 in the LHS Event Center.
     ***We are aware that orientation is on 7/28 and 7/29, and we will update this page when we have a more solid plan as to how to coordinate both events. 

BAND CAMP REGISTRATION FORM:  A printable version can be found on the "Forms" link on the sidebar or by clicking here: Forms

LHS BAND CAMP 2015.docx


     Are you wondering just what your student has been learning for the past two weeks at band camp? Come find out! Thursday, 8/7, is the annual band camp concert. It will begin at 6:30 PM in the Event Center. Please join us and be amazed at all that the kids have accomplished. (Band camp will probably dismiss a bit early on that date, but we don't know the exact time. Kids will have to be back at the band room prior to the concert...make sure to ask him or her for the specific time.)

PARENT MEETING Monday, 8/17 6:00 PM
There will be a parent meeting on Monday, 8/17 in the
 Presentation Center (next door to the band room.) Students have a night rehearsal from 6-9, so when you drop off your student, please stay for the meeting. Mr. McElhaney will be discussing the parent financial contributions needed to keep the program running, as well as requirements for attendance, competitions, and rehearsals. After he speaks, the boosters will stay to elect new officers for the 2015-2016 school year. It is important for all parents to attend.

ATTENTION FRESHMAN: We do not have email addresses for all of the new members, so not all of your peers will receive this message. Please contact your friends to give them this message.

Krispy Kreme money, orders and unsold tickets are due to the band room on Thursday, 5/21. Please do not forget!
We need parents AND STUDENTS to help with the donut distribution on Sunday, 5/31 from 8:30-12:30. We are hoping to have two locations: the LHS stadium parking lot will be for distribution of presold donuts, and we are locking down a secondary location for same-day sales. We need adults at both sites, and we would like to have students hold signs and attract attention for our on-site sales. All volunteers will first meet at the LHS stadium so we can finalize who is needed at what site.
Please sign up (and have your students sign up as well). 
Krispy Kreme Distribution
We are hoping to see a large turnout at the Spring Concert Thursday, 5/21 at South Valley Community Church. I believe the concert begins at 7:00, but honestly, I'm not positive! Sorry.
We have decided NOT to have students sell fireworks scrip this year. We are out of time, and honestly, we have asked the kids to do a lot this year. However, we do have scrip available. If you, as a parent, would like to check some out to sell in the community and at your workplace, we will have it available at the concert tomorrow night. (Customers buy the scrip for $20, and then they redeem it for fireworks at our booth in July.)

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