I'm sorry for such late notice, but we have decided to open the fireworks booth earlier than scheduled on Friday, 7/3, to take advantage of any holiday shoppers since many people have the day off.

We are looking for a couple of volunteers to help staff the booth from 12-3 tomorrow.

And, we are still looking for a few more people who might be able to work from 4-7 and from 7-10 on Saturday, July 4th.

If you are able to help us out, here is the link:  Fireworks Booth

Finally, I want to send a huge thank you for the parents who have already signed up.  You are amazing!

FIREWORKS - THANK YOU! (But you still have time to help)
WOW!  You guys have really come through for the kids!  Last year, we never passed 20% staffed, so we really relied on four people to staff the booth, and they worked every shift every day.  We vowed not to let that happen again, and thanks to your generous gift of time, we are now almost 70% staffed.

We are still looking for more help on Thursday 3-6, Friday 6-9, and Saturday 1-4. 4-7, and 7-10.
Here is the sign up link:  Fireworks Booth

I especially would like to thank our first-time volunteers, some of whom are parents of incoming freshman.  It's great to see you getting involved, and I hope you find it both fulfilling, and dare I say, fun!

Even if you are not able to volunteer, please encourage your friends, neighbors, and coworkers to shop at our booth.  We are the only booth in town that supports public education.

If you are able, please copy and post the following photo advertising our fireworks booth to any and all social media sites.  We need to get the word out and attract customers to our booth when it opens on Wednesday.  

We still need more volunteers, especially on Wednesday and Saturday.  Here is the link:  Fireworks Boothas well as a current list of volunteers. 
 I still don't see any of our recent LHS graduates (hint, hint). Thank you for signing up!

It's the time of year for me to again beg for help for our fireworks booth.  Like last year, we will be in the LHS Event Center parking lot.  The exciting news???  WE HAVE RENTED AN AIR CONDITIONER FOR THE BOOTH!  If you have ever worked in a booth before, you understand why this is caps-lock worthy news!  

We need parents and students 18 and over to help us man the booth.  Shifts are three hours each.  (And did I mention the air conditioner???)   Graduated seniors (who are 18), this is a great opportunity to give back to the program that gave you so much. 
Last year, our volunteer turnout was dismal, meaning that four people ended up working every shift every day.  We have vowed not to let this happen again.  This year, we are only going to open the booth if we have enough volunteers.  

Yes, this means that our fundraising potential is at risk, but we simply cannot ask four parents to carry the burden.

We are hoping to open the booth from July 1-4.  For July 1-3 (Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday), we will open from 3-9.  For Saturday, July 4, we would like to be open from 10-10. 

Please find three hours to help us out.  Here is the link to sign up:  Fireworks Booth

Again, we will not open the booth unless we can fully staff it. 

July 8, 9, 21, and 23  - Woodwinds/Brass Only 10:00-1:00  (July 8 - 10-2, to allow for instrument distribution)
July 27-August 7 - BAND CAMP - Mandatory for all sections (M-F, 9:00-5:00)
August 6 - 6:30 - Band Camp Concert (LHS Event Center)
August 12 - First day of School

While some of the practice dates at this point are still tentative, the competition, performance, and meeting dates have been added.

It's time to start practicing for the 2015 fall season! Rehearsals for wind instruments will begin on Wednesday, 7/8 from 10:00-2:00. Other dates are Thursday 7/9, Tuesday, 7/21 and Thursday 7/23, and these rehearsals will be from 10:00-1:00. While Band Camp is MANDATORY, these wind rehearsals are voluntary (but strongly encouraged!). If you have any questions, please click the email link at the top right of this page and let us know. We will get back to you with an answer. Rehearsals are held in the band room.


     LHS Band Camp begins on Monday, 7/27 at 9:00 AM in the band room. This is considered a mandatory practice for all students who are taking part in band. If your student is unable to attend all of the days, please email or speak to Mr. MacElhaney as soon as possible. Students will need to sign in each day for attendance.

     Band Camp run

s from 9:00-5:00 each day, Monday through Friday, and students usually have about an hour lunch break (the time each day could vary). Make sure your student has arrangements for lunch. Students also need to have sunscreen and PLENTY of gets hot when they are outside learning the show! 


     When students arrive for camp on Monday, they need to turn in a camp registration form and their payment. The registration form is available at the very bottom of this page. You can save yourself time by having the form printed and completed when your student arrives on Monday. The cost of band camp is $50, with checks made payable to LHS Band Boosters. 
     All students participating in band camp will receive the 2015 show T-shirt. If you would like to order extras for yourself, they can be ordered on the camp registration form; they are $15 and will reflect the theme of the 2015 field show. 
     Camp begins at 9:00, and the band room will open at 8:30 on Monday for registration.
     On Thursday, August 6, the students will put on a concert to display all that they have learned during camp.  The concert will be at 6:30 in the LHS Event Center.
     ***We are aware that orientation is on 7/28 and 7/29, and we will update this page when we have a more solid plan as to how to coordinate both events. 

BAND CAMP REGISTRATION FORM:  A printable version can be found on the "Forms" link on the sidebar or by clicking here: Forms

LHS BAND CAMP 2015.docx


     Are you wondering just what your student has been learning for the past two weeks at band camp? Come find out! Thursday, 8/7, is the annual band camp concert. It will begin at 6:30 PM in the Event Center. Please join us and be amazed at all that the kids have accomplished. (Band camp will probably dismiss a bit early on that date, but we don't know the exact time. Kids will have to be back at the band room prior to the concert...make sure to ask him or her for the specific time.)

PARENT MEETING Monday, 8/17 6:00 PM
There will be a parent meeting on Monday, 8/17 in the
 Presentation Center (next door to the band room.) Students have a night rehearsal from 6-9, so when you drop off your student, please stay for the meeting. Mr. McElhaney will be discussing the parent financial contributions needed to keep the program running, as well as requirements for attendance, competitions, and rehearsals. After he speaks, the boosters will stay to elect new officers for the 2015-2016 school year. It is important for all parents to attend.

ATTENTION FRESHMAN: We do not have email addresses for all of the new members, so not all of your peers will receive this message. Please contact your friends to give them this message.

Krispy Kreme money, orders and unsold tickets are due to the band room on Thursday, 5/21. Please do not forget!
We need parents AND STUDENTS to help with the donut distribution on Sunday, 5/31 from 8:30-12:30. We are hoping to have two locations: the LHS stadium parking lot will be for distribution of presold donuts, and we are locking down a secondary location for same-day sales. We need adults at both sites, and we would like to have students hold signs and attract attention for our on-site sales. All volunteers will first meet at the LHS stadium so we can finalize who is needed at what site.
Please sign up (and have your students sign up as well). 
Krispy Kreme Distribution
We are hoping to see a large turnout at the Spring Concert Thursday, 5/21 at South Valley Community Church. I believe the concert begins at 7:00, but honestly, I'm not positive! Sorry.
We have decided NOT to have students sell fireworks scrip this year. We are out of time, and honestly, we have asked the kids to do a lot this year. However, we do have scrip available. If you, as a parent, would like to check some out to sell in the community and at your workplace, we will have it available at the concert tomorrow night. (Customers buy the scrip for $20, and then they redeem it for fireworks at our booth in July.)

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