For messages from LHS Band Boosters, text 81010 and enter @lhsbandboo as the message.  
For messages from Mr. McElhaney and Mrs. Alanzalon, text 81010 and enter @lhstigers1  as the message.



     If you still need to pay the $50 for band camp, the boosters will be at the registration table again tomorrow morning (Friday 7/28). Cash, checks (made payable to LHS Band Boosters) and debit/credit cards are all accepted.
     If you are paying next week, your student will need to put the payment (cash or check) in an envelope and deposit it in the large white box just outside of Mr. McElhaney's office, as the boosters will not be there to conduct registration. If he/she is unsure where to put their payment, just have him/her ask a returning band member. Be sure to put your student's name and "Band Camp" on the envelope before it is placed in the box.
     We hope to see you at the band camp concert on Thursday, 8/4 at 6:00 PM in the LHS Event Center. You will be amazed at how much your student has learned!

It's time to get the bandroom and equipment ready for the fall marching season.  Please join us at the band room this Friday. We will be taking inventory of supplies, washing trailers, painting equipment...anything that needs to get done.  Can you please help?  Sign up here:  Summer Cleanup

Please click here for information about this year's mandatory band camp:  LHS Band Camp 2017  Here, you will find information about dates and times, what to bring, costs, how lunch works, and other frequently asked questions.  The registration form is also available at the bottom of the linked page. 

We are in need of volunteers for our fall marching season.  
     At the bottom of this page, you will find the form needed if you would like to be a chaperone or a driver.  This can take some time (for fingerprinting and to be approved at the LUHSD school board meeting), so please start the process now.  We will need three or four drivers for each event, in addition to at least three chaperones. 
     Simply fill out the form and get it to Mr. McElhaney. He will take it to the district office, and they will contact you for the rest of the paperwork and the clearances needed. 

In order to chaperone, you need to be fingerprinted and cleared by the district. Chaperones need to be at the school when the bandroom opens for an event, and they will ride the bus to and from the competition. Before the buses leave LHS, chaperones help make sure all needed materials are loaded into the vans.  This includes serving utensils, plates, silverware, tablecloths, hand sanitizer, napkins, and any needed condiments. They oversee the filling of the water coolers / water bottles with water and ice.  They make sure the pop-up shade structures are loaded, and they load the donated cookies into the vans.  On the buses, they make sure they have the correct students and monitor the behavior.  They have emergency information and a first aid kit on each bus.  If parents are checking kids out at the event, they have the forms that must be filled out and signed.  Before leaving the event, they pass out the cookies for the kids to eat on the bus ride home.  When they return to LHS, they make sure the bus is in good condition and oversee the unloading of all the equipment.  If there were extra cookies, these are usually distributed at LHS for the kids who worked the hardest unloading. Chaperones usually help with student services as well.
Student Services includes serving the food to the kids.  These volunteers need to be at the bus area as soon as the kids arrive at the event.  They help set up the shade pop-ups, the serving tables, and the coolers.  The help serve the food as the kids go through the line. Once the kids have been fed, these volunteers package the cookies into individual bags for the kids to have on the ride home.  The cookies are divided into three sections; one for each bus.  The cookies need to be placed back into a van until the buses are loaded to go home; if they are left on the bus, the kids will find them and take more than they should! Student service volunteers make sure filled water bottles are with each section of the band as they are warming up; pit/percussion, guard, and winds/brass.  Finally, these are the volunteers who also pass out the plumes to the kids before they leave for warmups. At that point, they are done and are welcome to go to the stadium to watch the shows.  
Pit Crew are the volunteers who help push the front ensemble equipment (marimbas, etc) from the gate to the front of the field.  These volunteers need to meet at the bus area about 30 minutes before the band's pit gate time.  These volunteers usually watch the show from the stadium's track area rather than in the stands.  They help push the equipment back to the buses, and I believe these are the volunteers who collect and put away the plumes.
Volunteers don't need to bring anything special or wear anything out of the ordinary.  Most volunteers wear either the fall show shirt or other LHS / purple / gold spirit wear.
 Unfortunately, admission is not included for any of the volunteers at competitions, so if you plan on watching the shows, you will need to pay for your own ticket.

Mr. McElhaney is in need of some parents to coordinate uniform distribution.  This would involve measuring the students and organizing the uniforms for distribution.  He has had the same parent do this for last several years, and she is willing to work with the new parents to “pass the baton”.  Please contact Mr. McElhaney directly if you would be able to help.
Students/staff/chaperones/drivers are fed at least one meal at all out-of-town events.  Meals in the past have been:
     pasta with/without meat sauce, salad, roll, and fruit;
     baked potatoes with chili and other toppings, salad, fruit;
     burritos, rice, salad, fruit; lasagna, salad, rolls, fruit;
     deep-pit turkey, rice, salad, fruit;
     tri-tip sandwiches, salad, fruit
     deli sandwiches, chips, fruit. 
We are looking for a parent to chair the student services, which would involve making sure the meal has been arranged.  We often have several parents volunteer to make or pick up part of a meal.  We are not expecting any parent to be responsible for feeding 160 people!  We have a budget to reimburse food expenses up to $250-300 per meal.
If you know of a restaurant that might be willing to donate all or part of a meal, please feel free to distribute the attached catering request letter.
If you are willing to chair or help on the the committee, here is the link:  Student Meals Fall Season
All chaperones and drivers must be fingerprint cleared.  To start the process, see Mr. McElhaney for the volunteer paperwork.  The entire process can take up to a month, so please begin now in order to be cleared in time for the first competition on October 5th.  If the $65 fingerprinting fee is prohibitive, please email so we can work out a way to subsidize the cost. We need at least three chaperones and three drivers for each out of town event.
Our booster trailer is in need of repair before it heads out on the road again.  If you are skilled in this area, please contact Mr. McElhaney.

All band parents are expected to sign up for at least one committee/chairperson position during the 2016-2017 school year.   Please read through the descriptions and dates to select those that work best with your interests and availability.

     Mr. McElhaney will have a mandatory parent meeting on Monday, 8/14, just after 6:00 PM in the Presentation Center (next door to the band room).  Students have a night rehearsal from 6-9, so when you drop off your student, please stay for the meeting.  Mr. McElhaney will get the kids started on their practice and then start the meeting.  This is when he usually goes over the fall schedule as well as the expected costs for the season, and he asks that all parents please attend. 
     Immediately after the meeting, we will have the first booster meeting of the year.  Please stay, find out what has been happening, and let your voice be heard.  We need input and ideas from all parents.

     LHS orientation is scheduled for Monday,  7/31 (9th grade) and Tuesday, 8/1 (10-12th grades).
     On Monday, 7/31, freshman are welcome to attend the LINK crew welcome in the morning. However, this is not required and it is a personal decision about sending your student. During this time, they will play games and take a tour of the campus. (For what it is worth, I did not send my daughter when she was a freshman. She had already bonded with a good group of kids during band camp, and she was comfortable with the campus layout, so she attended band camp that morning instead.)
     In the afternoon on Monday, freshman will attend orientation according to the time specified on the card in their packet. Mr. McElhaney is requesting that students return to band camp as soon as they are done.
     Sophomores, juniors, and seniors will attend registration on Tuesday 8/1, also on the time specified in their packet. Again, Mr. McElhaney is asking that the kids hurry back to band camp.
     Be sure to take the following items to orientation, or you will not be allowed in:
  •      National lunch program application - required even if you think or are sure that you will not quality
  •      Student and parent handbook acknowledgement, signed by both student and parent
  •      Yellow emergency card, filled out and signed by parent (the back side of the appointment card)
  •      Parental consent form - filled out and signed by parent
  •      Parental options form - filled out and signed by parent
  •      Annual student health update - filled out and signed by parent
  •      Student information form - filled out and signed by parent

     In order to chaperone at LHS, parents need to have been fingerprint cleared.  If you were cleared through Liberty (Lemoore UESD), those records DO NOT transfer and you will need to go through the process and pay the fee again.  Volunteers fingerprinted through Akers (Central UESD) do transfer; you will just need to fill out the forms and arrange to have the records send to LUHSD.  Mr. McElhaney has the forms that you need to complete the chaperoning registration.
     All other volunteer jobs do not need to have paperwork completed.  All you need to do is to click the link, choose the job you want, enter your email, and mark your calendar.  It's really easy, and there will always be someone around to answer your questions and explain what to do.  

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