Lemony Pork Gyro Wraps
Serves 4 Generously
From the kitchen of: Teen-Recipes.com
2 Lb. Pork Tenderloin
2 White Onions
2 Cucumbers
2 Lemons
1 Pt. Plain Yogurt
1 1 Oz. Package of Italian Dressing Mix
4 Pcs. Pocket-less Flatbread
Special Cookware Needed
Large Skillet
1. Turn grill on to high
2. Peel and dice cucumbers, coarsely chop onions, slice lemons
3. Sear meat on grill (Cook outside, but not inside)
4. Take meat off grill, cube meat into bite-sized pieces, and place into large skillet
5. Add onions, Italian dressing packet, and lemons to skillet - cook until meat is done
6. Combine cucumbers with yogurt
7. Grill flatbreads until desired doneness
8. Assemble your sandwiches and enjoy. Enjoy very much.

A Quick Side Story:

Now, a question you might have is: where would such a recipe come from? Well, I have an answer. A Middle Eastern gyro seller in NYC! After tasting this delicious recipe, we tried to replicate it many times to no avail. This recipe is the result of many trial and errors! Enjoy!