Lemonade for Love

Lemonade Stand  Sheet


Bob and Mary - 2010


Lemonade for Love will launch their goodwill efforts on July 4th, 2010 in Afton, Minnesota

The goal of Lemonade for Love is simple -> The Rohda kids will be reaching out to help their grandparents by hosting a lemonade stand during the 4th of July celebration in Afton, Minnesota.  Attached is a story that appeared in the Star Tribune earlier this year telling about their journey.  The message is simple; they have stood by and loved each other through an incredibly difficult time.  Now we, as family and friends, want to do our part to support them in the next phase of their journey.  

The idea of a lemonade stand is simple and anyone can do it.  The concept has been used in the past to help others in need.  We are simply adding our own twist and continuing that great tradition.

The Rohda Family

IMG_5786.JPGWith grandkids at Easter mass - 2010