Lembah Rinjani VILLA  & RESTO

Your Friend’s to Stay in Sembalun Rinjani Valley




There are many things that you can do while you are at Lembah Rinjani Home Stay & Restaurant

Here are some of activities that may interest you.

The main attraction why people come to Sembalun is climbing the Peak of Mount Rinjani.  It saves climbers lots of time compared to coming from other route.

Rinjani is the second highest active volcano in Indonesia. Its 3726m is so challenging and its crater lake is beautifully fantastic!!! Save lost of energy and loads of patient to get there.




Like in most mountains they usually have water falls.  This one in Sajang the village next to Sembalun also has some.  There are three falls stand close by from each other from the highest to the lowest one. The one in the picture is the second highest.  Something special about these water falls is that the mud from their river is believed to have cosmetic substance which could make your skin stay healthy and young.  Then we named it Stay Young Waterfall. 



If Rinjani is too tiring for you try to climb one of the surrounding lower mountains in Sembalun.  One of them is Mount Pergasingan.  it’s around three hours climbing. 

This mountain used to be a place for growing garlic what Sembalun used to be famous for.  And after the harvest the men played top – spin or Gasing in local language at the empty garlic field.  That is how the mountain got its name for.



When you drive from east route stop by at  Pusuk Pass on the way to Lembah Rinjani.  Feel the air, listened to the peaceful sound of the forest, and marvel at the mountainous and Sembalun Bumbung valley scenery.  Best view at around 9 am & 4 pm.  

At the berugag, they sell snack & nibbles also strawberries and Japanese melon for presents back home for most locals.  This place is a short break after driving up winding road through the forest. 



Despite its sour taste and tomaty texture (that is many local say about it) strawberry has been popular in Sembalun in the last years.  There are some places that you can visit and buy and we usually go to Armasih.  This place is easy to reach, the background is beautiful (looks nice for pictures), the owners are friendly they let you taste and help with the picking which is so fun, and they also sell local hand weaving.




Need for an easy walk, beautiful view?  Choose this village walk which takes you around vegetable and red rice field and old village / Desa Beleq where the first inhabitants of Sembalun used to live.  Get ready for a little bit ‘adventure’ such as crossing shaky bamboo bridge like the one in the picture.



Some villages in Lombok still retain their weaving tradition including Sembalun. While you were with us you may learn how to weave in one of the local weavers.




At least once in our life time some of us would like to try something different from what we do and what we have at home.  Volunteering is one of the reasons some young people from around the globe come to stay in Sembalun.  Share, live and work with the local. Experience, understand and appreciate local culture.  This is one of the paths to be able to live harmoniously together in this colorful world. An experience for a better planet.



The only apple orchard in Lombok,   Famous among the local.  You can  view borderless Mount Rinjani from the place. 




Most kids who come love the natural surrounding and love being outdoor.  What about having a Boy Scout on holiday? It is so fun.




Fresh air, scenic view, friendly people, peaceful place are a very nice place to have for gathering with friends & colleagues.  Bring your guitars to have more merry holidays.



If you wander around the village you may meet men gather around and play gasing.  Stop by and join the crowd.





Relax on your porch reading or doing nothing.  Watch the sight of Rinjani and listen to the sound of Sembalun.


Besides spending time on leisure, Sembalun has a lot to offer. there are some to discover.  You can do a research perhaps? Some people have done in nematology and ornithology. Perhaps you could be one of the researchers we meet there.