Electoral Program

First of all, I wish to increase economic activity in Potton Township by adopting in consultation with the citizens an economic development plan based on the research published in 2003  by 'L'Institut de recherche et d'éducation pour les coopératives et les collectivités de l'Université de Sherbrooke'. This study for Potton Township is still relevant. It identifies the main focus areas and contains the elements necessary for the preparation of an economic development plan.

If elected, economy, health, communications and citizen involvement would guide my actions.

The following are the main objectives sought under each area of responsibility.


-Use municipal human resources efficiently and effectively

-Seek the highest quality in services provided to the citizens

-Establish a pool of citizens(volunteers and others) interested in contributing to municipal affairs

-Optimally use the expertise of council members

-Maximize the use of government grants

-Establish a code of ethics for municipal staff and council

Arts, culture, heritage and tourism

-Develop existing strengths

-Create new initiatives

-Encourage present activities


-Increase help to community organizations subject to a rigorous rendering of accounts

-Encourage dialogue between locals and weekenders

-Involve the youth and local schools in the municipal world

-Create a bank of volunteers for community organizations

-Call upon citizen participation, consultation and partnership

-Bring together local organizations to better coordinate their activities.


-Establish a closer relationship between Council and citizens

-Seek transparency by communicating effectively and frequently with the citizens

-Keep the means of communication current

-Actively work for high speed internet in all areas

-Recognize all aspects of the bilingual character of the municipality

-Facilitate citizen access to mayor

Economy (see comments at the beginning)

-Use all available tools and resources to create jobs that reduce the exodus of citizens

-Identify economic areas of interest in the municipality

-Initiate sustainable development projects


-Adopt appropriate bylaws that maintain the rural character of the community and  also respect orderly development

-Rigorously apply environmental requirements

-Ensure environmental health

Public finances

-Rigorously manage  public funds

Réseau québécois Villes et villages en santé

-Become a member of this network and apply its principles

        'A  ''Ville ou village en santé'' looks after its social and physical environments and seeks to continually improve

        them. It tries to mobilize community resources that reinforce mutual help in current activities and allow

        everyone to attain his or her full potential.'

Physical, mental health, sports and leisure

-Work to improve the physical health of citizens by making available sports and leisure equipment and services

-Increase health services in cooperation with the CSSS Memphrémagog and the Missisquoi North Volunteer Centre

-Offer sports and leisure based on needs



-Seek to ensure the utmost security for citizens in strict cooperation with the Sûreté du Québec

-Keep fire prevention services and first responder  services up to date


-Encourage public transportation initiatives


-Strictly manage the roads budget