2018 Leland Bridge Night     

Student Performers and MC sign up form is here.
            Preliminary audition (Optional): 12/2/2017 
            Official audition: 12/8/2017, 1/8/2018
            Contact Kathy Xiong: kathyw.x@gmail.com

           Earn community service hours if you participate in Leland Bridge Night.
           Help with set up and food service.
           Contact Hattie Chen at hattie4tennis@gmail.com
           Training time (You have to choose at least two out of the three) 
           A) 1/8/2018,  1:00 -- 3:00 pm
           B) 1/19/2018, 6:30 pm -- 8:30 pm
           C) 1/26/2018, 6:30 pm -- 8:30 pm

2018 LBN Waiver Form is here.