Chapters 11-20

Chapter Eleven

In the Blue Canoe

Page 70:

Page 71:

  • autopsy protocols free histamine tests
To distinguish between ante-mortem and post-mortem wounds and to time the ante-mortem injuries the concentrations of free histamine and serotonin in the wound samples and in the control samples from neighbouring intact skin were examined...
  • .38 Specials in the longer chambers of a .357
  • "Two big city columnists had found a headline in e.e. cummings' deadly little poem "Buffalo Bill's" how do you like your blueeyed boy Mister Death..." 
  • There was no clear correlation

In other words, there is a correlation, but they don't know what it is.  It's not "clear" [see the meaning of Clarice's name in Each According to Their Nature]

Page 72:

  • slit up the back like funeral suits
  • casual eyes
  • our common squalor

Page 73: 

  • her lap full of awful information
  • "A more animated mug than Crawford's would have shown regret..." 
  • mute and crooked as Orion

Page 74:

  • 6th victim, Kimberly Jane Emberg Elk River, about 6 miles below US 79
  • Potter, the county seat.
Potter is a fictional town and fictional county.  The Elk in West Virginia flows through Pocahontas, Randolph, Webster, Braxton, Clay, Kanawha counties.

An approximation of Buffalo Bill's abductions and drops of victims.  The West Virginia "county seat," Potter, in Rankin County is fictional. Belvedere, Ohio is also fictional- but near Newark, Ohio on the Licking River.

It would be interesting if this pattern is related to Orion, the hunter, the most visible constellation in the night sky.

[see pages 366, 367] "Orion is above the horizon now"; "Orion stood high in the clear night."]

Buffalo Bill's known female victims:

State Found
Found in
Kidnapped From
 Home Town
 1  Fredrica Bimmel


 Blackwater River, outside of Lone Jack, MO ("last June")
Columbus, OH or between Columbus, OH and Belvedere, OH on bus trip
(p 308)

on April 15, year previous (p 75)
 Belvedere, OH
Near Licking River
(p. 306)

380 miles from Chicago
 3 months to identify b/c her body was weighted down so she would be discovered after the others.  She is the first victim and the only one Buffalo Bill knew personally.
 2 Known but Unidentified
(by Crawford)
 Indiana  Wabash River, Lafayette, Indiana
(ten days after abducted)
 Chicago  Chicago? Her name is known but not mentioned in text. First body found.
 3   Jane Doe
 Rolling Fork River, near I-65 38 miles south of Louisville, KY
 ? AKA the girl from Akron; the Cincinnati Jane Doe; and the girl in the freezer
 4  Varner
 Embarras River, below I-70 in Eastern Illinois
 Evansville, IN
Evansville, IN?
 5  Kittridge
 Conasauga River
below Damascus, Georgia down from I-75
 6  Kimberly Jane         Emberg
 West Virginia
 Potter West Virginia
 Detroit  Detroit?  Identified on page 157

  • 1st victim Fredrica Bimmel that we know of found in the Blackwater River in Missouri outside of Lone Jack, last June (Bimmel Girl) EVERYTHING CLARICE NEEDS TO KNOW.
The Blackwater River is a tributary of the Lamine River, about 55 miles (90 km) long, in west-central Missouri in the United States. Via the Lamine and Missouri Rivers, it is part of the watershed of the Mississippi River.

  • 1st victim "The Bimmel girl, she'd been reported missing in Belvedere, Ohio..."

Belvedere, OH is fictional.  I believe it's inspired by Newark, Ohio 33 miles from Columbus on the Licking River.

[Recall what Lecter was painting when Clarice met him. This is not a coincidence. Lecter knew that Clarice would not make a connection between "the Duomo seen from the Belvedere" and Belvedere, Ohio. Lecter gave Clarice all the information she needed to catch Buffalo Bill before she even asked for it. The information that led Clarice to Bill/Jame Gumb was that he knew his first victim and would therefore be trackable from her hometown.]

Page 75:

  • 2nd Victim Name Unknown grabbed in Chicago the third week in April found in the Wabash in downtown Lafayette, Indiana 10 day after she was taken
Crawford doesn't name her but doesn't say she's a Jane Doe. He'd have to know who she is to know where she was kidnapped from.

The Wabash River is a 475 miles (764 km) long river in the eastern United States that flows southwest from northwest Ohio near Fort Recovery, Ohio across northern Indiana to Illinois where it forms the southern Illinois-Indiana border before draining into the Ohio River, of which it is the largest northern tributary. From the dam near Huntington to its terminus at the Ohio River, the Wabash flows freely for 411 miles (661 km) which makes it the longest stretch of free-flowing river in the United States east of the Mississippi River.
  • 3rd Victim Jane Doe Rolling Fork near I-65 38 miles south of Louisville Kentucky never identified..
This victim may be the indicator of a mistake on Harris' part.  Later in the text Crawford says there is a Jane Doe victim that is still in the morgue and he associates her with Akron.  Clarice mis-remembers Crawford's reference as Cincinnati.  Fredrica Bimmel is the only victim from Ohio and she was kidnapped from Belvedere, Ohio and dumped in the Blackwater River in Missouri.  For some unexplained reason the Jane Doe is being held in Ohio and it is her, not Fredrica Bimmel, that Crawford associates with Ohio.

  • 4th Victim Varner woman grabbed in Evansville, Indiana and dropped in the Embarras just below Interstate 70 in Eastern Illinois
The Embarras River (pronounced "EM-brah" or "AM-brah" IPA: /ˈæmbrɔː/) is a tributary of the Wabash River, 185 mi (298 km) long, in southeastern Illinois in the United States. The waters of the Embarras reach the Gulf of Mexico via the Wabash, Ohio, and Mississippi Rivers. The river drains a watershed of approximately 1,566,450 acres (2,440 sq mi/6,320 km²) in an agricultural region. The name comes from French explorers, who used the term embarras for river obstacles, blockages, and difficulties relating to logjams and the like.

  • 5th Victim  [Kitteridge girl from Pittsburgh in her grad photo] dumped in the Conasauga below Damascus, Georgia down from interstate 75
The Conasauga River is a river that runs through southeast Tennessee and northwest Georgia. The Conasauga River is 90 miles (140 km) long and is home to 90 species of fish and 25 species of freshwater mussels. The Conasauga River watershed encompasses over 500,000 acres (2,000 km2) in two states, multiple counties, and two ecologically different regions.

  • We haven't seen any pattern

That doesn't mean there isn't one

  • We've run computer simulations westbound then eastbound the various combos with the best dates we can put on the dumps. You put it in the computer and smoke comes out

The operators didn't account for the fact that Jame Gumb weighted Fredrica Bimmel down so she would not be found first. After Fredrica, whom he knew, Gumb kidnapped and dumped women unknown to him along his work route.

Page 76:

  • lives in the East not in a moon cycle no convention dates. Nothing but feathers
The Red Dragon killer, Francis Dolarhyde, was in a moon cycle.  The feathers recall the pigeon coop at Fredrica Bimmel's home, the feathers Clarice notices there.

Like Gumb "uses" the women he abducts and Crawford waits for Bella's body to become a ceremonial object.  There is a fine line between the figurative language used by the investigators and the literalized actions of the killers.

  • plucks at you

like Dr. Lecter's origami chicken 

  • a herd of policemen [gaggle of deputies, page 81]

What do you call a group of something, a collective noun?  A murder of crows, or a pride of lions, for example.

  • live right behind your eyes

Page 77:

  • don't try to impose any pattern or symmetry on this guy 

[see Dr Lecter's symmetry re: Miggs' death, page 60]

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (abbreviated ATF) was formerly part of the United States Department of the Treasury, having been formed in 1886 as the "Revenue Laboratory" within the Treasury Department's Bureau of Internal Revenue. The history of ATF can be subsequently traced to the time of the revenuers or "revenoors"[4] and the Bureau of Prohibition, which was formed as a unit of the Bureau of Internal Revenue in 1920, was made an independent agency within the Treasury Department in 1927, was transferred to the Justice Department in 1930, and became, briefly, a subordinate division of the FBI in 1933.


Chapter Twelve

The Floater, Kimberly Emberg

Page 78:

  • Rankin County
Both Potter, WV and Rankin County are fictional. [Harris' home state has a Rankin County: Mississippi]

leggy: long-stemmed

  • out of plumb

plumb: The perpendicular, the vertical; (more generally) the state of being correctly aligned (with something). Esp. in out of plumb.

Page 79:

Page 80:

"Saint Cecilia in the Catholic Church is the patron saint of music and of the blind. Her festival falls on November 22. It was long supposed that she was a noble lady of Rome who, with her husband and other friends whom she had converted, suffered martyrdom, c. 230, under the emperor Alexander Severus. The researches of de Rossi, however (Rom. sott. ii. 147), go to confirm the statement of Fortunatus, bishop of Poitiers (d. 600), that she perished in Sicily under Marcus Aurelius between 176 and 180

See The Tragedy and the Triumph of Phenix City, Alabama By Margaret Anne Barnes

[Note the role of Johnny Frank Stringfellow [Ardelia Mapp's arch rival is named Stringfellow]

  • Charleston
  • Criminal Investigation Section-- CIS
  • deputy sheriffs & troopers
  • this kind of sex crime...

Page 81:

  • mask her umbrage 

umbrage: Displeasure, annoyance, offense, resentment

  • a gaggle of deputies [a herd of policemen, page 76] 

What do you call a group of something, a collective noun?  A murder of crows or a pride of lions, for example.

This image of Saint Cecilia is amusing when compared with the figure of Apollo in Titian's the Flaying of Marsyas.

If we can imagine Dr. Lecter as Apollo, could Clarice be Cecilia? 

There's an incredibly beautiful depiction of Saint Cecilia by Stefano Maderno-- Martyrdom of Saint Cecilia, Church of St. Cecilia, Rome

  • "tapping his front teeth with a Good Shepherd fan..." [Dr. Lecter taps Clarice's ID on his teeth]

It's not uncommon for funeral homes in small towns to give away promotional paper fans with flowers or religious iconography on them over the name of the funeral home just as some businesses distribute promotional pens or matchbooks. The Good Shepherd is Jesus Christ in his role as preacher to his "flock" of followers. Note the implication-- Christ is both the Lamb of God [agnus dei in Latin], and the Good Shepherd.
[Source Image:]


"Biblical scenes were also printed on cardboard fans distributed by Appalachian funeral homes or individuals advertising for votes in minor elections....The Good Shepherd appears on an enlarged replica of a political fan distributed in 1944 as an advertisement for a Highway Commissioner's re-election. The fair-skinned Jesus opens a gate allowing his flock to come forward, connoting an entrance into Heaven."

  • Oscar, Dr. Akin, Claxton
  • cabbage roses on the wallpaper
  • picture molding

Picture Rail - Functional molding installed 7-9 feet above the floor from which framed pictures and paintings are hung using picture wire and picture rail hooks.


Page 82:

  • A prototype of courage  "Her mother, standing at the sink..." A tableau of Clarice's. 
  • a mountain midwife
  • her voice had more than its normal twang

twang: The modification of vocal sound by its passage through the nose; nasal intonation, as formerly attributed to the Puritans; now esp. as characterizing the pronunciation of an individual, a country, or locality. More fully nasal twang, twang of the nose.

 A vocal imitation of the resonant sound produced when a tense string is sharply plucked or suddenly released; used as interjection or adverb, e.g. to cry twang, twang goes the bow. 

  • officers and gentlemen
  • There's things we need to do for her

Clarice defaults to her native grammar-- "things" is singular

  • Crawford saw that in this place...granny women, wise women, herb healers, stalwart country women

Page 83:

The point of the Vicks is that the menthol smell is supposed to mask the foul odor of Kimberly's decomposing body.  There is much doubt about the effectiveness of such a strategy. 

  • paper bags on her hands

"Collect fingernail clippings and scrapings of any skin or material underneath the fingernails because a victim will frequently scratch an attacker. Even if the scrapings don't contain skin that can be tested for DNA, it might be possible to match fingernails to scratch wounds on a suspect.

If you don't have time to cut and gather fingernails and scrapings, wrap the patient's hands in medium-sized paper bags taped at the wrist. Tell your patient that you are doing this to protect evidence that might otherwise fall away during care. Similarly, bag the hands of any patient who may have handled a gun to preserve evidence of gunpowder residue...

...Use only paper bags for this purpose. Because condensation can form on the inside of plastic bags and alter evidence, these bags are not suitable for storing evidence. Then carefully seal each bag. A piece of medical tape works well"

[Source: Forensic evidence: Preserving the Clinical Picture by James P. McCans]

Treble hooks are formed by adding a single eyeless hook to a double hook and brazing all three shanks together. 


Page 84:

"As the bullet penetrates the skin, the friction between the projectile and the epithelial tissue creates an "abrasion collar." aka abrasion rim or abrasion ring Medical Response to Terrorism By Daniel C. Keyes, Jonathan L. Burstein, Richard B Schwartz, Raymond E Swienton, p 359

  • muzzle stamp

" the skin is forced out of the body by entrapped gas, a 'muzzle stamp abrasion' may be produced."  Pediatric PathologyBy J. Thomas Stocker, Louis P. Dehner p 278

  • explosion gasses

see Internal Ballistics on page 112 of Trauma By Lewis Flint, J. Wayne Meredith, C. William Schwab, Donald D Trunkey

This comment is like "the Orvieto of pigeon coops," or "the amusing house wine" where Harris makes wry comments about unsophisticated, local cultural products such as buildings or, in this case, music.  The reference is to: The Musical Offering (German title Musikalisches Opfer or Das Musikalische Opfer), BWV 1079, is a collection of canons and fugues and other pieces of music by Johann Sebastian Bach, based on a musical theme by Frederick II of Prussia (Frederick the Great) and dedicated to him.

[Frederick the Great and Klausberg]

  • whiskey bloom

Page 85:

  • pictures or chart dental kit
  • finger print camera 

IAFIS had yet to be developed

  • Just pictures a chart can throw you off without xrays
  • one-to-one Polaroid
  • molars
  • palatal reflector
  • strobe
  • she's got something in her throat
  • forceps

Page 86:

 "Finger Stalls are made from 100% Natural Rubber Latex. Ideal for small parts handling where a full glove is not required.

Most commonly use in heavy duty electronic industries.

They are also used to keep skin salt and dirt out of cuts or stitches. They are thicker than finger cots with rough surface provides better grip and anti-slip properties Sulphur Free with very low powder contamination, with a special property for anti gripping." []

  • The study of the patterns of ridges of the skin of the fingers, palms, toes, and soles.
  • Lamar yells when Crawford doesn't understand the heating pad burn
  • postmortem
Latin literally-- "after-death"

Page 87:

  • one time Billy Petrie got shot to death and they dumped him in the trunk of his car?
Indeed, that could only happen one time. This is an amusing use of the passive tense.  Normally you'd say "someone shot Billie Petrie" or "X & Y shot Billy Petrie."
A popular Country and Western song made popular by Ernest Tubb from the 1940's [on Amazon mp3]
Okay, don’t think anybody has ever brought this up to you.  You ever read the book or see the movie The Silence of the Lambs?  Jodie Foster played an FBI agent tracking a serial killer, who was Anthony Hopkins.  Won all the Oscars the year it came out.

SM: Yeah, I remember it.

Did you know that you’re in the book?

SM: Had no idea.

Yeah.  It was ‘Satellite Monroe’, but I think it was wrong on purpose, lemme read it to you.  The character talking is a small-town coroner telling the FBI agents about a couple witnesses who are local bullshit artists:

“I expect they did tell him that,” Lamar said.  “They’ll also tell you they wrestled Duke Keomuka in Honolulu one time, tag team with Satellite Monroe.  You can believe that too, if you feel like it.  Grab a croaker sack and they’ll take you on a snipe hunt, too, if you favor snipe.  Give you a glass of billiards with it.”

SM: (laughs) I’ll be damned. 
  • a croaker sack

CROCUS SACK: A gunny sack, a sack made of coarse material like burlap;
so named because crocus, or saffron, was first shipped in sacks made of
this material; also called a CROKER SACK, TOW SACK and GRASS SACK
in the South.


Page 88:

  • snipe hunt
  • a glass of billiards [a phrase from an old bar room joke]

A Georgia mountain hillbilly on his 21st birthday goes to town, where he has never been before. Amazed by the all the buildings and colorful lights, he goes into this lounge that says "Beer and Billiards." He walks up to bartender and asks for a glass of billiards. The bartender thinks "I'll fix this smartass". So he goes to the back room and fills an empty beer bottle full of urine, comes back and gives it to the hillbilly. The hillbilly turns it up and dranks it all without stopping, sets the bottle down, looks at the bartender and says: "You know sir, if I wasn't such a big billiards drinker, I'd swear that was piss." 

[source:Bar Jokes]
  • lady's not nearly ready to float
  • game warden
  • crank telephone

In contrast to the common battery system, smaller towns with manual service often had magneto, or crank, phones. Using a magneto set, the subscriber turned a crank to generate ringing current, to gain the operator's attention. The switchboard would respond by dropping a metal tab above the subscriber's line jack and sounding a buzzer. Dry cell batteries (normally two large "No 6" cells) in the subscriber's telephone provided the DC power for conversation. Magneto systems were in use in one American small town, Bryant Pond, Woodstock, Maine as late as 1983. In general, this type of system had a poorer call quality compared to common-battery systems.

Many small town magneto systems featured party lines, anywhere from two to ten or more subscribers sharing a single line. When calling a party, the operator would use a distinctive ringing signal sequence, such as two long rings followed by one short. Everyone on the line could hear the rings, and of course could pick up and listen in if they wanted. On rural lines which were not connected to a central office (thus not connected to the outside world), subscribers would crank the correct sequence of rings to reach their party.


Page 89:

  • I don't believe I'll have one
  • Litton Policefax

the prints on a fingerprint card may be recorded by a local facsimile machine (not shown) and the information thereon transmitted to a remote facsimile machine and printed out as is well known in the art. A facsimile machine specifically designed for this purpose is distributed by Litton System, Inc., Amecom Division, under the model name Policefax (a Litton registered trademark). 

  • fingerprint card
  • six wire rooms

Page 90:

You betcha:  yes, in a folksy way, as in "you bet!" [You bet you(r)... You bet ya... you bet'cha:]

much obliged: ‘I am very grateful’, ‘thank you very much’.
The phrase is primarily used in the American South where speakers often leave off the final "d"


Chapter Thirteen

In the Car with Crawford and Clarice [discussing findings, Lecter and Crawford's sexist behavior]

Page 91:

Page 92:

  • Latent Descriptor Index

The FBI's identification division uses the latent descriptor index to search the division's automated files based on latent fingerprint pattern types Criminal InvestigationBy Michael J. Palmiotto page 135

  • An insert, not a 302
  • scaffolding on the Jefferson Memorial
  • Identification Section
  • proclivities
  • human operator
  • the system requires brief, concise statements
  • skinned vs. flayed synonym
  • scalped, triangular patches shot in the chest, cocoon in her throat, broken fingernails

Page 93:

  • Cincinnati Jane Doe's still in a freezer, but the other four are in the ground.
This Jane Doe isn't mentioned on pp 74-5 when Crawford lists the victims [Starling tells Dr. Lecter that five have been found, page 21] (If he means Jane Doe, victim number 3, why does he identify her with Cincinnati?)
  1. Fredrica Bimmel Blackwater River outside of Lone Jack [Jack Crawford will soon be alone]
  2. Unidentified woman Chicago- Wabash River Lafayette, Indiana
  3. Jane Doe dumped in Rolling Fork 38 miles south of Louisville, Kentucky
  4. Varner taken in Evansville, Ind. dumped in Embarras River in Eastern Illinois
  5. Kitteridge from Pittsburgh dumped in Conasauga below Damascus, GA
  • Exhumation (see Burial)
  • Mengel case

From Time Magazine:

It began as a minor traffic violation and ended with the fatal shooting of a police officer, a woman's murder and the discovery of a full female scalp in a stolen car. Alex Mengel, 30, a Guyanese-born tool-and-die maker, was returning home from a weekend of target shooting in the Catskill Mountains when a Westchester County, N.Y., police officer made the mistake of pulling him over. Noting spent shotgun shells in Mengel's car, the officer radioed for assistance. But before help could come, Mengel allegedly killed him with a single bullet to the head and fled on foot.

Investigators believe that a day later Mengel abducted Beverly Capone, a 44- year-old mother, as she was leaving her job as a data processor at an IBM facility nearby. Using Capone's car as his getaway vehicle, Mengel headed for the Canadian border. Six days after the police officer was slain, authorities caught up with Mengel in Toronto, where he was arrested after crashing the car into a wall in a final attempt to escape. Inside, they found a gruesome clue to how Mengel may have crossed the border despite the bulletins for his arrest. A woman's scalp, presumably Capone's, was found in the car. They speculate that Mengel killed Capone and disguised himself as a woman, using her hair as a wig. At week's end police found Capone's body under a pile of stones in a wooded Catskills area.

  • copycats
  • he didn't say when so he could never be wrong

Page 94:

  • only weakness has to look smarter than everyone else
If he has to look smarter than everyone else why does he confuse patent and copyright law and then tell Clarice about it?  There are many other ways he could find out if she had a law degree.
  • high ligature marks, cervical displacement
  • Fellow in California popularized it
  • penlight
  • credit cops by name

Page 95:

Page 96:

  • his cold scales

Crawford's cold scales [page 96] autopsy scales [page 117], the dungeon scales at Threave [page 366]

  • She would have killed for him then 

Chapter Fourteen

The Smithsonian

Page 97:

turnout: The manner in which anything is turned out or equipped; style of equipment; ‘get-up’; also concr. equipment, outfit, array.

Page 98:
  • thousands of people in these boxes 
[like Golgotha]
  • Dyak baby carriers 
  • ceremonial skulls
  • Aphids
  • Nobel Pilch(er) & Albert Roden

A "pilch" is a human skin.  Roden sounds like Rodent

For more info see Each According to Their Nature

Page 99:

  • Starling tries to figure out the bug chess rules
  • specimen vs bug
  • Roden the ass (rodent?) elbow smash in the hinge of the jaw

Page 100:

[see Dr. Lecter on Frederick Chilton's credentials]
  • Give us all the details. What might seem irrelevant to you could be vital information to an expert.
[Stoicism and expertise]

Page 101:

  • Time's eating us up
[We reckon time differently...]
  • she flashed for a second on something else
  • a slender forceps

forceps - a noun plural or singular: An instrument of the pincers kind, used for seizing and holding objects, esp. in surgical and obstetric operations.

Page 102:

obtect (the pupa is compact with the legs and other appendages enclosed)

  • Chu on immature insects
The Immature Insects: An Illustrated Key for Identifying the Orders and Families of Many of the Immature Insects with Suggestions for Collecting, Rearing and Studying Them By Hung-fu Chu Published by W. M. C. Brown, 1949
  • dental probe
  • no distinct respiratory organs on the dorsocephalic region, spiracles on the mesothorax and some abdominals
  • functional mandibles?
  • paired galeae of maxillae on the ventro meson?

see  The Insects By P. J. Gullan, P. S. Cranston, Karina Hansen McInnes page 33

  • antennae
  • mesal margin of the wings
  • little pointy cremaster-- I'd say Lepidoptera

cremaster- A hook-shaped protuberance from the rear of the chrysalis casing in a certain species of butterfly, by which the caterpillar fixes itself to the pad of silk it has cemented to the underside of a perch.


Page 103:

  • glomming
  • in a coal mine waiting for proton decay (a little like snipe hunting)

In particle physics, proton decay is a hypothetical form of radioactive decay in which the proton decays into lighter subatomic particles, usually a neutral pion and a positron. Proton decay has not been observed. There is currently no evidence that proton decay occurs.

  • prothoracic femur
  • pilifers

Any of various small projections associated with the mouthparts of certain insects; esp. a small lateral projection on each side of the labrum of many lepidopterans.

Page 104:

    The arrangement or plan of distribution of the bristles on the bodies of insects.

Erebus, in Greek mythology, is the son of Kaos (remember Buffalo Bill is a "disorganized" killer, i.e. chaotic) as well as the area of Hades through which the recently dead must pass

  • Neotropical

Page 105:

(see note for page 104)


  • periodicals, professional journals, people that sell equipment
  • photocopied the references

Isn't it great to have the Web?

  • moths are more interesting...They're destructive

note that Clarice has called Dr. Lecter not "evil" but destructive for which he mocks her, launching into the discussion of church collapses

  • "Silence for one floor..."
  • There's a moth, more than one...that lives only on tears
  • the old definition of a moth was 'anything that gradually, silently eats, consumes, or wastes any other thing." It was a verb for destruction, too

MOTH from the OED

Noun Any of various destructive or parasitic invertebrates, as maggots, worms, insect pests, etc. Obs.

Noun: Something that eats away, wastes, or diminishes (wealth, happiness, etc.) gradually and silently; spec. a source of great expense.

Noun: A person who is insignificant or fragile, or who hovers around temptation and is liable to be drawn to destruction (as a moth to a flame).

Verb intr. To rot, decay.

[mothe:   Weary, exhausted, disquieted. Also (of the strings of a musical instrument): slack, out of tune.]

  • Pilcher polished his teeth, his tongue moving behind his lips like a cat beneath the covers. "Do you ever go out for cheeseburgers and beer or the amusing house wine?" 

Pilcher is a lot like Lecter, moving his tongue over his teeth, a wine connoisseur, funny, sardonic, polite...

Page 107:

Reminding us that this is a novel written on the cusp of the birth of the Web.

  • a carbon set
  • publications' computerized mailing lists
  • let's ask Dr. Lecter ...taking scalps
  • night duty officer
  • voices of the day still whispering
  • swarming dark moth's wise little face... glowing eyes
  • cosmic hangover
  • a coda for her day Over this odd world, this half the world that's dark now, I have to hunt a thing that lives on tears

Note the musical reference

Chapter Fifteen

Catherine Martin Abducted

Page 108: 

  • Catherine Baker Martin's best boyfriend
  • bong pipe loaded with hashish
  • munchies
  • tall young woman, big-boned and well fleshed, nearly heavy, with a handsome face and a lot of clean hair
These are the qualities Gumb is looking for, in his language

Page 109:

  • She thought the word surreal and blamed the bong
  • Stonehinge Villas
  • a man trying to put the chair...gripped it with his good hand

Ted Bundy's modus operendi

In the USA the term chamois without any qualification is restricted to the flesh split of the sheep or lambskin tanned solely with oils.

  • freckled chest, chin and cheeks were hairless, as smooth as a woman's

Page 110:

  • his eyes only pinpoint gleams above his cheekbones in the shadows of the lamp
  • hand winch called a coffin hoist
  • read the size tag on her blouse

Page 111:

Chapter Sixteen

Crawford Finds out about Catherine

Page 112:

  •  the 1980's the Golden Age of Terrorism

proving the novel was written well before 9/11

Page 113:

  • Bell Atlantic estimated
  • the Reactive Squad
  • mandatory encryption
  • irresponsibility on the part of news business
What about on the part of Jack Crawford?
  • Hostage Rescue Team
  • Memphis on Winchester Avenue
  • like a funeral suit
  • laundry mark
  • telephone in his car beeped 
  • 92240
  • Forty stand by for Alpha 4 [the Director of the FBI]

Page 114:

Chapter Seventeen

Clarice Finds out about Catherine, Watches Sen. Martin on T.V.

Page 115:

  • bunny slippers
  • this bathroom is seized
  • ooch over, Gracie
  • Burroughs and Stafford from the lab at National

Page 116:

  • his three-card
  • Don't you have classes today, Clarice? You're still in school, aren't you?
  • Gracie Pitman
  • The Good-Faith Warrant exception to the Exclusionary Rule in Search and Seizure. 

See Mapp V. Ohio The Mapp decision applied the exclusionary rule to state as well as federal courts.

Dollree Mapp was a poor but proud black woman who defied a predominantly white police force by challenging the legality of its search-and-seizure methods. Her case, which went all the way to the Supreme Court, remains hotly debated and highly controversial today. In 1957, Cleveland police raided Mapp's home on a tip--from future fight promoter Don "the Kid" King--that they'd find evidence linked to a recent bombing. What they confiscated instead was sexually explicit material that led to Mapp's conviction for possessing "lewd and lascivious books"--a conviction that initially pitted Ohio police and judges against Mapp and the American Civil Liberties Union. At stake was not only the search-and-seizure question but also the "exclusionary rule" concerning the use of evidence not specified in a search warrant. Carolyn Long follows the police raid into Mapp's home and then chronicles the events that led to the Court's 5-4 ruling in Mapp v. Ohio (1961), which redefined the rights of the accused and set strict limits on how police could obtain and use evidence.[source: Mapp V. Ohio By Carolyn Nestor Long]

  • intense frustration tastes very much like the patent medicine called Fleet's
  • Some days you wake up changed
  • a small tectonic shift
  • sometimes the family of a man produces, behind a human face, a mind whose pleasure is what lay... Jame Gumb's nature is to covet "the very thing" that Clarice is.  

To covet: "to long for (what belongs to another)" He's jealous by nature.

"A Divine Image" by William Blake from Songs of Experience

Cruelty has a human heart,
And Jealousy a human face;
Terror the human form divine,
And secrecy the human dress.

The human dress is forged iron,
The human form a fiery forge,
The human face a furnace seal'd,
The human heart its hungry gorge.

Page 117:

  • first apprehension 

[The action of grasping with the intellect; the forming of an idea; conception; intellection.]

Crawford's cold scales [page 96] autopsy scales [page 117], the dungeon scales at Threave [page 366]

  • The knowledge would lie against her skin forever
  • callus
  • She seemed to hear a vast murmur of events like the sound of a distant stadium
  • too many laps
  • Geneva Arms talks
  • jostling squealing hell of lens flare and audio feedback, they listed things they didn't know
  • ironic cheer...Crawford's face...Starling smiled on one side of her mouth

left side and right side facial displays

Page 118:

Page 119: Google Books Preview

Page 120:

  • Francis Dolarhyde or Garrett Hobbs 

Two of the three serial killers in Red Dragon (Dr. Lecter is the third)

  • He refused to use the term Buffalo Bill
  • the snapper at the end of the report

  Snapper  U.S. A word, sentence, verse, etc., used as a finishing touch or wind-up. Also attrib., as snapper ending.

  • Slick obfuscation and facile bullshit
  • slant-rhymes in the works of Stevie Wonder and Emily Dickinson

Slant or half-rhyme examples: drunkard/conquered, maze/coze, port/chart, justice/hostess.

Page 121:

  • I been knowing that
  • Hot Bobby Lowrance

His python briefs make a nice tie-in to the Apollo-Lecter Dionysus-Gumb analogy when Clarice acts as Apollo's minion slaying the python (the handgun that Gumb uses).

He's the pilot of the Blue Canoe. He gets the nickname Hot Bobby from the plane ride when Crawford asks him to give them some air.

Page 122:

  • barrette 

a dead Easter chick

  • gratitude's got a short half-life (see 355)
  • father's pickup tableau brothers and sister
  • her fears and other recent memories

Page 123:

  • Something hard and valuable. Something durable, shining apart from the dark revelations. Something to keep..." 

Strength from the memory of her mother. Further explanation of one of Clarice's tableaux.

  • A seasoned survivor on hand-me-down grace from her late father through her brothers
  • reporters looking over groomed (like the over-renovated building)
  • intoning stand up reports

Chapter Eighteen

Crawford tells Clarice that "Bill" killed Klaus

Page 124:

  • great stuffed elephant (Hannibal, son of Hamilcar Barca, reference)
One of his most famous achievements was at the outbreak of the Second Punic War, when he marched an army, which included war elephants, from Iberia over the Pyrenees and the Alps into northern Italy.
[source: wikipedia]
  • cases of anthropological specimens (human bodies)
  • if it were possible for him to touch her
  • "in the silence of the bones..." 
Golgotha after the deposition, after the Silence of the Lamb

Page 125:

  • pretty much of a wipe
  • idly let his hand fall into a tray of bones
  • a countdown
  • Bill's green room theatrical smacked of bullshit (smells of the lamp)

Page 126:

  • Jerry Burroughs
  • familiar odor
  • Klaus from Split City had a bug in his throat
  • drying the art

Page 127:

like the origami chicken

  • in situ 

in its (original) place; in position.

  • Dr. Angel farfetched, too much of a coincidence? Let it cook a minute.
  • accidental erotic asphyxia

Page 128: 

  • I figure you're game

Chapter Nineteen

Crawford tells Clarice more about Lecter

Page 129:

  • who knows what he turned loose just for fun?
  • he knew Raspail socially and Raspail told him things in therapy. Maybe Raspail told him who killed Klaus
He did.
  • US 95
  • Lecter gave us nothing useful

Page 130:

  • You've read the literature since I have
  • Two thing to begin with. First we go on the premise that Dr. Lecter really knows something concrete. Second, we remember that Lecter looks only for the fun. Never forget fun.
  • a cell with a view
  • Snitching won't give him enough of a chance to show off
  • It's the kind of thing he lives on. It's his nourishment.
  • don't know if you get wiser as you get older but you learn to dodge a certain amount of hell

Page 131:

  • I level with you. You'll do the same when you have a command
  • And if he fails, it's because he's not smart and knowledgeable enough to do what he said he could do-- it's not because he's holding out to spite us.
  • Do you see?
  • How can he be specific enough to steer us to Buffalo Bill without showing he has special knowledge? How can he do that with just theory and insight?
  • scrambler phone

Page 132:

She doesn't expect Crawford to know French.  He must know at least some Italian but still doesn't see the bel vedere-- in Dr. Lecter's sketch or in the victim from Belvedere, Ohio
  • jurisdiction
  • Interpol telex
  • old-boy network
  • Voice Privacy system

Page 133:

  • origami chicken
  • Game but hurting

Page 134:

  • turned back to his telephones

Chapter Twenty

Jame Gumb, Precious, and Catherine

Page 135:

[like the brown van]
  • Jame Gumb 
  • Friction des Bains
Friction of the Baths ???

Page 136:

  • skin emollient
  • Premarin, diethylstilbestrol
  • electrolysis
  • He looked like a man inclined to fight with his nails as well as with his his fists and feet
  • Whether his behavior was an ernest, inept attempt to swish or a hateful mocking would be hard to say on short acquaintance...
  •  "the little champagne colored poodle" 
See the wound man in Tedeschi

Page 137:


  • Mr. Gumb liked to go to bed

Page 138:

  • well rings
  • wooden safety cover, too heavy for a child to lift
  • still fairly strong and sane