The Silence of the Lambs: A Connoisseur's Guide


Your eyes are like cheap birthstones-- all surface shine when you stalk some little answer. — Dr. Lecter to Clarice Starling
Problem-solving is hunting; it is a savage pleasure and we are born to it. — Thomas Harris, SotL


…something more goes to the composition of a fine murder than two blockheads to kill and be killed, a knife, a purse, and a dark lane. Design, gentlemen, grouping, light and shade, poetry, sentiment, are now deemed indispensable to attempts of this nature.
— Thomas de Quincey,“Murder Considered as One of the Fine Arts”

"...invention is the division of rhetoric that investigates the possible means by which proofs can be discovered. It supplies the speaker and writers with sets of instructions or ideas that help them to find and compose arguments that are appropriate for a given rhetorical situation.
For personal and lyric essays, narratives, and descriptive writing, invention techniques help writers draw from their memory and observation for the kinds of details that will add depth to their essays.
The first direction of invention aims toward deriving heuristic procedures or systematic strategies that will aid students in discovering and generating ideas about which they might write; the second direction of invention is characterized by how writers establish "voice" in writing and realize individual selves in discourse."
See: inventio

Thomas Harris, Photograph: Robin Hill

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