Childhood Memories my Son

Khetrinagar Our home a Rose GardenOur memorable days at Khetrinagar, Jhunjhunu district. Rajasthan State India. A village life at Khetri, Jhunjhunu District. Pilani, Jhunjhunu District, Rajasthan State Indian Photo. N G Nair and Sarla Nair India.  N G Nair IndiaMy experiments with Job satisfaction and personality development. Job satisfaction is in regard to one's feelings or state-of-mind.... read more >>>> .  When children are born, they are like blank slates on which their parents' help to script the beginnings of the stories of their lives. Every child grows up and ultimately charts his own destiny, but his parents lay the foundationN G Nair India.
Childhood memories my son
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Life goes by too quickly. We are constantly on the move with little thought of what tomorrow might bring. While there may be material things of value that we can leave to our family – all of those “things” will eventually have very little meaning. But our thoughts, our hopes, our dreams, and our memories – those are the true treasures of life! 

Childhood memories my son

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