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College office hours :: 8:00am to 4:00pm Monday to Friday
School hours :: 8:30am to 2:40pm Monday to Friday
เรียนวันละ 5 ช.ม. ( อยู่ใน ร.ร. 6:40 ชม. )

Xavier College
High School
Address: 1170 Ninth Ave, Llandilo NSW 2747, Australia
Phone:+61 2 4777 0900
Annual School Report (2013)
About the Annual School Report
Xavier College is registered by the Board of Studies (New South Wales) as a member of the Catholic system of schools in the Diocese of Parramatta.
The Annual School Report provides parents and the wider school community with fair, accurate and objective information about various aspects
of school
performance and development. The Report describes achievement of school development priorities in 2013 and gives information about 2014 priorities.
This Report is a legislative requirement under the Schools Assistance Act, 2008.
The information in this Report is complemented by the school website where other school publications and newsletters can be viewed or obtained from the school.

เป็นสหศึกษา มี นร. 1,000 คน มี นร.ชาย และ นร.หญิงเท่าๆกัน เปิดรับ ระดับปี 7 - 12 ( ม.1 ถึง ม. 6  )
We are continually receiving more than 250 enrolment applications for Year 7 each year.
Our maximum intake for Year 7 is however 210. Now that our Stage 4 and 5 numbers
are approximately 200 per year group there is an increase number of students moving into Year 11 and 12.
Xavier College has a very good reputation in providing a positive learning environment
which focuses on the individual well-being of each student.

ม.บ. North ridge,  ซอยย่อย Vayager Court  ซอยหลัก Sinclair Parade  ห่าง 90 ม. จาก Wianamatta Regional Park
อยู่ด้านเหนือสุดของ Jordan Spring,   จาก " H Cafe Jordan Spring " ห่าง1.6 ก.ม. ( เดิน 19 นาที,  จักรยาน 6 นาที)