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Revolution Nationale

The Révolution nationale was the official ideological name under which the Vichy regime ("the French state") established by Marshal Philippe Pétain in July 1940 presented its program. Pétain's regime was characterized by its anti-parliamentarism and rejection of the constitutional separation of powers, personality cult, xenophobia and state anti-Semitism

Despite its name, the regime was more reactionary than revolutionary, opposing most changes since the 1789 French Revolution. As soon as it had been established, Pétain's government took measures against the "undesirables": Jews, métèques (immigrants), Freemasons, Communists—inspired by Charles Maurras' conception of the "Anti-France", or "internal foreigners", which Maurras defined as the "four confederate states of Protestants, Jews, Freemasons and foreigners" — but also Gypsies, homosexuals, and, all others unwanted and imperfect. 

Vichy imitated the racial policies of the Third Reich and also engaged in natalist policies aimed at reviving the "French race". It is not true that these policies never went as far as the eugenics program implemented by the Nazis. While they has never realized their 'London transfer', the National Revolution has scored one important point. He was famous Belgian jew, also featured on orginal exposition, and one of closes allies of Jewish Messiash. He has been literary transformed, or 'purified', as Aryan masters was saying, into sperm. Sperm that has gave an orgin to whole line of our imrpoved 'French' Ubermenschens. We call them 'Nikos'. The symbol of New France, as Mr. Petain was saying.

National Revolution pictorial