Menu Uninstaller Pro

Most of the time, the program I am installing installs fine and this message is an inconvenience. 
If you encountered with this windows message : “This program might not have installed correctly” 
select the option "This program installed correctly".

Menu Uninstaller
If you encountered with error while trying to uninstall software, 
for example : 

It means that's  the windows is blocking shell execution.
This software needs Administrator Rights :
First Solution - Setting Administrator Rights
1. Open the path   "C:\Program Files\Leizer Soft\MenuUninstaller"
2. Stand on  "MenuUninstaller.exe"
3. Right Click on the mouse choose "Properties"
4. Goto "Compatability" Tab
5. Check "Run this program as Administrator".
Second Solution - Disabling UAC
UAC (User Account Control) Level must be on the level "Never Notify".

 in order to do so , do the next steps : 

1. click on START button

2. enter the word  "uac" on the search 

3. click enter 

4. change the level to "Never Notify"

4. Restart the computer

and that's it.

Notice! This action changes levels of the security in the operating system. 
The responsibility on execution of this imposed action is on the user.