This webpage is dedicated to the literary atmosphere and artistic quality of the game Morrowind. Even though the graphics are now outdated, it luckily had enough mod support to allow players to make up-to-date (and beyond!) graphics replacers, leaving only the developers' placement of objects: that is, their imagination. This site celebrates both the developers' vision, and the community's phenomenal work.

Mods used for the screenshots are a custom blend of Visual Pack 2.1, Visual Pack 2.2, Visual Pack 3.0, Visual Pack XT, Better Bodies, Slof's Better Beasts, Better Heads, Slof's Vampire Faces, Better Clothes, Swampy Swamps, Shacky Shacks, Real Stars, Sharpened Armor, Sharpened Weapons, Silverware Enhancer, Misc Items Replacer, Flora Glow, Oblivion Septims, Paper Retexture, some other small mods, and even some custom-tweaked textures by Taehl.

This site is owned and maintained by Taehl.


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