About LSA Publications

In furtherance of its stated aims, LSA produces publications in several forms: 
More than 90 volumes published since 1975 on various aspects of leisure studies and all are available for you to purchase. Visit the BOOKSHOP!

Selected work - arising from the authors' original presentations to LSA Conferences and other LSA events - is published post-conference by LSA in themed and edited volumes. Presenters who wish to do so are invited to submit their papers to the selection process. Editorial teams are typically composed of members of the particular organising teams, often complemented by invited experts and well-known authors in the relevant fields. A troll through the Contents listings of LSA Publications over the years will reveal some of the best known writers and researchers in leisure studies.

LSA Publications volumes are held in the UK National Library system and are purchased by an ever-expanding audience of libraries, institutional departments and individuals around the world.

Since 1993, LSA Publications volumes have been produced in a 6x9-inch 'perfect-bound' format. Older titles are supplied in their original A4 format and are tape or spiral bound.

LSA Publications maintains stock of the complete back list, making it possible to satisfy continuing interest in LSA titles now a quarter-century old.