Leisure Studies Association aims to foster research in Leisure Studies; to promote interest in Leisure Studies and advance education in this field; to encourage debate through publications, and an international journal Leisure Studies; to stimulate the exchange of ideas on contemporary leisure issues; to disseminate knowledge of Leisure Studies to create the conditions for better-informed decisions by policy makers. 

Leisure is important to all of us. It is a sphere of life in which individuals find enjoyment, fulfilment, friendship and well-being. Participation in leisure contributes both to personal health and the maintenance of social life. While essentially experienced by individuals, leisure always has a social context, and consequently is subject to issues of equality, justice, politics and economics. Leisure is, however, complex, and questions related to its meanings, forms and functions abound at all levels of consideration. As local, regional and national governments become more aware of the importance of well-being, quality of life and work-life balance, leisure has come increasingly to the fore in much policy discourse.

The Leisure Studies Association has since 1975 provided a multi-disciplinary and global forum for anyone interested in the research and study of leisure via a wide range of academic fields and policy discourses – including but not limited to tourism, sport, physical and mental health and well-being, education, social cohesion, urban planning, sustainability and regeneration, transport, the arts, digital culture and other types of cultural activity.