The LSA host a variety of one-day symposia as well as the annual conference.

Leisure Studies Association Annual Conference 2018

Mobilising Change: Creative and Critical Leisure Practices in the Post-Diciplinary Era
University of Bath

Deadline for session submissions: 1 October 2017 
Conference dates: 10-12 July 2018

The Conference Committee invites proposals for session topics that align with the aims of the conference:

To facilitate critical and creative dialogue that responds to the sociopolitical complexity of leisure practices, formations and organisation in contemporary life.
To invite diverse disciplinary perspectives, methodological and theoretical approaches from within, and beyond the field, to situate the study of leisure within in a post-disciplinary future.
The LSA conference offers a unique intellectual post-disciplinary space for generating important connections across particular issues and contexts that are being explored in allied fields. By inviting diverse disciplinary perspectives, methodological and theoretical approaches from within, and beyond the field, the conference situates the study of leisure within the post-disciplinary era. Debates about post-disciplinarity in related fields have identified the need for more flexible and creative approaches to researching objects of inquiry that move beyond disciplinary conventions. We ask how are leisure practices and knowledges formed, sustained and contested? What do different leisure practices ‘do’ in effecting and affecting change, or reproducing power relations that perpetuate inequalities and undermine well-being, communities and the environment? With an increasing emphasis on identifying and measuring research ‘impact’, the conference invites debate about ‘how’ research can make a difference in the neoliberal context of higher education.

The conference seeks to mobilise critical and creative insights, relationships and collaborations between academics, and also with non-academic participants who have been involved in co-created research (artists, activists, policy makers and professionals). Six streams have been identified around leisure problematics, contexts and interrelated matters of concern:

Digital and physical cultures
Embodied health and well-being
Critical pedagogies in public and education spaces
Co-creating research - innovative methodologies
Inequality, power and change
Sustainable communities - people and places

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