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We are selling our 1999 Seaview 8330 model Class A RV. We are the second owners and have owned this vehicle since April 2010. We were full time in it from July 2010 to July 2012.

Vital Stats:
 Manufacturer     National 
 Model Seaview 8330 
 Year 1999 
 Length 32' 9"   Just shy of 33'.  Can get into many national parks
 Width 102" Industry Standard
 Height 11'9" 
 GWVR    18000 lbs 
 Interior Height 78" Standard for RV before 2006
 Fuel Type Gasoline Front Engine
 Engine/Platform     Ford V454 6.8L V10 + Banks
 Slides 1 - 32"x12' Typically called "superslide"

 400 W solar cellGenerator  
Window covers for front and side Hydraulic Levelers 
 Tire Covers Backup Camera 


  Side view with slide.  Note window covers (let you see out but not see in)
 Storage - the middle two compartments are pass through
 Pass through storage
 Roof with two A/C's and Solar Panel

I made a schematic of the layout.  It is to scale.  All beige coloring indicates overhead storage.
Notes: The bedframe is a camper queen but currently has a full size mattress on it (75"x54"). The length is correct but the width is too narrow by 2" on either side.

Physical Specs:

Living/Dining Area:

 retractable workspace next to passenger seat.  Both driver and passenger seat rotate all the way around
 Dining area + sofa + big screen TV
Front area with slide out.
 Additional storage
 Dining area (slide retracted)
 Looking forward (slide retracted)
Over driver storage.  The middle compartment used to house a 20" TV which we removed for a 40" LCD in the living room.  There is now additional storage behind.
Fold down couch with storage space below for storage


 Full view of the Kitchin with fridge, microwave/convection oven combo, sinks, table extension.  Lots of storage above and below
  3 Burner Range
Range cover
  Microwave/oven combination
  Dometic Refrigerator
Dometic RM2652
 Plenty of overhead storage
 Overhead storage
Kitchen Pantry
 Dual Sink with countertop extension


 Bathroom is off to the side with private door
 tub bath
 skylight in shower
 Plenty of storage space and personal electric space heater (removable).
 Clean area below the sink


 The mattress is a full size.  It is not original.  I don't know what brand it is but it feels very expensive and very thick.  We've always covered it with a waterproof cover.  
 window with shades.

Shades collect at the top or bottom
  electrical outlet and storage space

 Hanging closet space
 Overhead storage
 Storage under the mattress
 Hookup for TV
  Additional shelving
 Large hallway closet across from bathroom.  Additional drawers below.
Circuit Breaker Panel


All water and electrical access including:
  • Generator
  • Power hookup
  • Sewer connector
  • Fresh water connector
  • Water pressure regulator
  • Holding tank flush

Generator - recently tested and working
 Water access panel.  There is a Water Heaver bypass for anti-freeze but I've never needed to use it because it doesn't get that cold here.  

External shower.

Note the pressure gauge and high pressure release.
 Water heater (next to door)
 Water heater label.  Click to enlarge