Welcome to my personal web space!  

If you're looking for my research page, it's at, where you will find abstracts and PDFs of my publications.

About this site

This site has the basics:
...and a few bonuses:
  • Working/writing cafes in the Mountain View, Palo Alto, & Menlo Park, CA
  • Some research tools
  • Tips for surviving grad school
This web space is where I gather together bits of information that have been useful to me. My hope is that they might be useful to you, too.

About me

I'm not much of a blogger. I prefer to gather and assemble information, updating it over time.

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. Among other things, I like to read (especially Jasper Fforde books), ice skateskiswim, return home to Hawaii, travel a bit, sometimes play piano, and pick up new skills. It's been many years since I last tinkered with web development so I'm picking up the new tools to build a new personal site (coming eventually).