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This site is all about Synchronisation ...

Synchronisation is where you mute a visual source (like a movie) and listen to an alternative audio source (like a CD), and then see if if the music and lyrics match up with whats going on onscreen

 e.g a sad song about death when a character is dying.

The most famous is Pink Floyd's 'Dark Side of the Moon' album with the classic 'Wizard of Oz' film.

But there are many more synchs to find.....


Setting Up Synchs

In order to get the synchs to work you need to make sure the album starts exactly when you want it to.

In order to do this first start the desired track, pause it after a few seconds and while it is paused press 'Skip' or 'Automatic Search' back to the beginning of the track (usually shown by 0:00 flashing). This means that you can press play and get the synch to start at the exact moment you want.



Type of Synchs

There are various ways to set up a synch - all have a set starting point and then the songs you need to play. It might be as simple as starting the album at the beginning of the film (and repeating the album if necessary), you may have to re-program the track order, or the synch might be for the end of the film or a section within it...


Subjective Synchs?

How someone experiences a synch can change from person to person depending on things such as how well they know the film, how well they know the album etc.

A synch can be viewed like a Music Video - you're mainly listening to the music, and the visuals compliment it while not necessarily always relating directly to the lyrics.

A synch can be viewed like a Film Soundtrack - you're watching the action unfold onscreen and the music you're hearing seems to be reflecting the films atmosphere and/or with lyrics that directly link to the films events.

A lot of synchs will combine these two aspects throughout meaning your perception of the synch is changing but it always has your attention...



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