May 2015 Newsletter

[Note from the Webmaster! I'm speaking for the current and past boards of the Leighton HSA. We - and you too, really - owe Pam Dowd a huge debt of gratitude for 7 years of service. The real challenge is in front of us - how will we manage so well without Pam? Well, fear not: We have been rescued. Pam has agreed to stay with us in an executive position. Thank you so much Pam!]

June is upon us already, where has the school year gone? Before getting to our year end letter I would be remiss if I did not extend my sincere gratitude to the following people for their assistance not only in May & June but throughout the year.

Jack and Martha Torrice of Fruit Valley Orchard for their assistance with the beautiful flower baskets for our flower sale.

Donna Tesoriero for another fabulous Book Fair, I can’t thank her enough along with Bethany Rando, Katie Carter, Mr. Elsner and Mary Guzman, who also volunteered their time to this event. For those who took advantage of the buy one get one free sale, thank you and I hope you have enough summer reading material.

Donna also took care of the tasty BBQ chicken/pulled pork dinner playground fundraiser we had after this year’s triathlon, the PBIS store schedule and supplies along with the Home & School Bulletin Board.

Next, Jackie Wallace, for setting up all our “McTeachers’ Nights”, the KUDOs board, the triathlon concession stand and along with Mary Ann Preston the faculty & staff appreciation gift.

Mary Ann Preston scheduled and rescheduled many meetings this year and her persistence has our new playground design chosen and an active committee in place to continue fundraising and start grant writing to get it built.

Beth Clark, Becky Waters & Heather Wood for chairing the pancake breakfast and the many volunteers who will be there to help on Sunday June 7th at the Elk’s club. Don’t miss this tasty & fun event.

Carmen Cheeley, many, many thanks for again taking care of the yearbook duties one last time!!

Mr. Schmiegel for all of your support with our projects and events along with your attendance and input at our monthly meetings.

My fabulous fellow officers;  V.P., Bonnie Eastman (along with Heather & Zach) for always being there when I said “can you help me with …?”. Treasurer, Scott Preston, for putting up with me forgetting to give him deposit slips, all the emails that start with “did I remember to tell you…” and “please send a check” or “I need a check for…”, not to mention being our webmaster for the H&S website. Recording Secretary, Jackie Wallace, in addition to everything mentioned above, keeping the minutes for our meetings and maintaining the Facebook page. Corresponding Secretary, Jenna Kuzawski, for handling our email list and quickly updating everyone on the information I send her and sending meeting reminders without being reminded to. Officers at Large, Becky Waters and Heather Wood, for stepping up and being the extra helping hands just when needed for all the breakfasts, event celebrations, Read-a-thon, Labels for Education, Tools for Schools and anything else that was asked of them.

Finally, Mrs. Donovan and Mrs. Moreau who besides putting up with me all these years have given so much assistance that it is too numerous to list.

Thank you all for making this last year the best!!

Many hands make light work and all of yours’ have been greatly appreciated for many years.

The 2015-16 Home & School Officers will be:  President – Jacqueline Wallace, Vice President – Pamela Cloonan, Recording Secretary – Eliza St.Onge, Treasurer – Scott Preston, Corresponding Secretary – Jenna Kuzawski, Officers at Large – Becky Waters and Brian St.Onge. 

Pam Dowd

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We, the officers of the Leighton Home and School Association, would like to take a moment to thank you for your support during this school year.  We truly appreciate the time and talent you offered us to make the projects and events we sponsor possible and successful.  Without the support of Leighton families we would not be able to do what we do, but more importantly we wouldn’t even exist.

To all of you who monetarily supported our fundraisers, we thank you.  To those who chair or volunteered at a fundraiser, program or event – we can’t begin to tell you how much your help is appreciated.  Time is precious and sometimes very hard to come by in today’s busy world. The fact that you are willing to donate it to us so graciously means a great deal to us. All the children of Leighton school benefit from your generosity in the spirit of volunteering.

Our sincere thanks also to Mr. Schmiegel, the faculty and staff for the continued support and encouragement they have given our Home and School Association. We truly appreciate all you do for us, our children, and this school community.

The 2015-2016 school year will see some changes, new faces, and likely some challenges. We look forward to continuing to support our children and enhancing their learning with events and programs.  The plans for next year have already begun!  We hope you will join us in this. There will be many opportunities, both big and small, for you to become involved in your student’s school experiences.  Our school will continue to be a thriving community school if we stay involved and work together: students, staff and parents.

We would like to send a special message to our sixth grade students, who will be moving on to the Middle School.  We wish you great success on your new journey ahead.  We will miss you!  To their parents, we say thank you and we will miss you as well!

In closing, we wish all of you a safe and happy summer. Enjoy.  We look forward to Welcoming you back in the Fall to our beloved Leighton School.


Pam Dowd (President), Bonnie Eastman (Vice-President), Scott Preston (Treasurer), Jackie Wallace (Recording Secretary), Jenna Kuzawski (Corresponding Secretary), Becky Waters and Heather Wood (Officers at Large).

Frederick Leighton Hsa Inc

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