Quadrilateral Poem Lesson

Lesson Plan

Objective: The student will use their knowledge of quadrilaterals to create a quadrilateral poem. 

 SOL Standards:


            G.8      The student will:

                                    a) investigate and identify properties of quadrilaterals involving  opposite sides and angles, consecutive sides and angles, and diagonals

                                    b) prove these properties of quadrilaterals, using algebraic and coordinate methods as well as deductive reasoning; and

                                    c) use properties of quadrilaterals to solve practical problems.

POS Standards:


            G.4.9: Classify quadrilaterals based on their properties

            G.4.10, G.4.12, and G.4.14:  Prove that quadrilaterals have specific properties


Time: 90 minutes


Assessment Opportunities:


1.)    Homework Check

2.)    Teacher observation

3.)    Completion of quadrilateral worksheet

4.)    Completed quadrilateral poem




            Quadrilateral Worksheet

            Quadrilateral Graphic Organizer

            Quadrilateral poem directions and Student Samples





1.      Students get out their homework from the previous night and we review any questions that they have

2.      Collect homework

3.      Students get out their quadrilateral graphic organizer and we review together the properties of quadrilateral (I draw a flow chart on the front board as we are discussing the properties)

4.      After discussion I pass out a worksheet that will help the students apply their knowledge about quadrilaterals to mathematical problems

5.      Allow time for students to work in pairs completing their worksheet on quadrilaterals

6.      Get back together as a class and review all answers and answer any questions

7.      Pass out Quadrilateral Poem Directions and explain today’s main objective

8.      Allow time for students to brainstorm on their poem

9.      After students have finished their draft pass out notecards and have them copy down their poem

10.  After students have finished writing their final version of their poem have students form two circles (an outer ring of students and then an inner ring of students that are facing each other).

11.  Have students then read eachother’s poems.  They are to guess what quadrilateral the poem was written about. 

12.  Than have one of the rings rotate either clockwise or counterclockwise so that the students are facing a new partner and then repeat the above process (#11).End class by collecting all the poems (I will make a collage of the poems and post them up around the room).