How to make my invitations...





First thing, a Gocco is a Japanese screen printer. They can be hard to come by and kinda expensive, but you can usually find them on ebay, etsy, and sometimes on the Trash to Treasure board. Its to hard to explain how it works over the internet, but has a good video on how they work. It may seem complicated at first, but it's pretty easy once you get the hang of it.

A Gocco is the only way you can print light ink on dark paper or in metallic ink at home. For my invitations, a Gocco was the only way I could make mine without outsourcing the printing.

I ended up making 75 invitations. For the supplies, I got all the paper and envelopes from The fabric, spray adhesive, fray block, and ribbon came from Hobby Lobby. My Gocco came from and all my Gocco supplies came from Northwood Studios.

First thing I did was get my paper cut down to size at Kinkos. I got the white paper for the folder cut to 7x10 so and 3.5x5 for the response card. I got the brown paper for the actual invite cut to 4.75x6.75. I scored the 7x10 paper down the middle so it would fold into a 5x7 card.

Next, I cut all my fabric to roughly 10x13 rectangles. I sprayed the back of the cards and the fabric and stuck them together carefully so it didn't get wrinkles or bubbles. Then I trimmed off the extra fabric with my paper trimmer. It dulls the blade pretty fast, but is the quickest way to do it. I think I went through about 3 blades for all my invites.

After you trim the fabric, you have to apply the Fray Block. Just squeeze a small line of it right on the edge all the way around. Recrease the fold of the card and TA DA: A fabric covered folder!

Printing the invites is just a matter of setting up the Gocco right, making your masters, keeping the screen full of ink, and printing away. (watch the video and that will all make sense) I did all my printing in 2 nights working about 2 hours each night.

The ribbon band was super simple. Cut a piece of ribbon about 14.5" long, wrap it around the front flap of the folder and secure the ribbon with glue dot. Make it tight so that the response card with stay in place with you stick it inside.
Use a tape runner or spray adhesive to attach the invite to the inside of the folder.

All in all, it took me about a month to get them all done, not including addressing. I could have done it all in 1 weekend if I had really put my mind to it though.

I hope this info helps! If you have anymore questions, just ask!