Leigh and James 

January 17, 2009

San Antonio,Texas

Standard Knottie Disclaimer:  I started collecting pictures before I knew what to do with them.  If I have used your pictures and have not given you credit, page me on the San Antonio board and I will do so.

Married Bio

About Us

James and I met through Facebook when I was a freshman at Texas A&M.  He randomly friended me and we starting talking from there.  We chatted online for months as friends.  We finally decided to meet to have coffee.  We talked for so long at the coffee shop that they had to kick us out because they were closing.  That weekend all my friends were going home, so James invited me to go bowling on campus.  We spent the entire night talking and walking around campus and have been inseparable in the 4 years since.



We are going to have tall arrangements of branches at the beginning of the aisle and at the alter with hanging votives.  The aisle will be lined with 15" vases with floating candles in them. The window sills will all have a lot of candles of varying sizes and shapes. The room had uplights on the walls that will provide some additional light. The mood we are going for is warm and romantic.



I want a mix of ivory and green in my bouquet.

DIY wreaths for the front doors.

Mock-up of our centerpieces.  Half the tables will have this, and half will have branches with hanging votives.  I know the branches are getting way overdone now, but I doubt most of my guests hang around The Knot enough to know it.

The Venue

The Convent

We are having the ceremony and reception at The Convent.  It is a really beautiful space for a fantastic price.  Anthony, the coordinator has been great to work with and answers all my questions quickly.

The room is shaped like a T with floating walls that can close off the two wings.  We will be closing off the wings and using the main portion for the ceremony. Guests will move to one of the wings for cocktail hour while the main room is turned into the reception set-up.


This is our cake.  Its going to be devils food cake with cream cheese filling with ganache icing.  The berries will be all green rather than red.  It is being made by Michelle at Seventh Heaven Cakes.

And my DIY cake topper!


Our favor boxes! Two homemade chocolate chips cookies will be inside.


The inspiration for my DIY invitations.

 This is a Vera Wang invitation that just isn't worth the $1600 price tag.  The jacket is covered in taffeta, which I love.  I will be recreating these using my new favorite toy, my Gocco, for closer to $200.

 And now, my version...

They are opal Stardream paper covered in bronze taffeta.  The invite is bronze Stardream paper printed with my Gocco in white and lime mixed with white inks. I love how they have turned out!

Addressed, stamped, and ready to go in the mail on November 3!

Price breakdown:

Paper and envelopes: $85.80

Cutting: $7

Two tubes of ink: $6.50

5 screens :  $12.50

10 bulbs:  $16.00

Spray adhesive: $4

Fray block: $2.50

Ribbon: $10

Fabric: $27

Total: $171.30

Savings over Vera Wang invitations: $1428.70

...yea...I can handle that.

Other costs not included because I am using them for other projects:

PG-11 Gocco: $190

Paper trimmer: $25

Save the Dates postcards printed by Vistaprint.  The center part is a magnet they can pull off.

The back of the post cards. 


 Bridesmaid Dresses

The drama of picking out a bridesmaid dress is over!  We are ordering it in expresso with an ivory sash from Lee Philips Bridal at $50 off.


I ordered my dress from Lee Philip Bridal for $600 off.  That comes out to about 1/3 less than the bridal salon!  Stacey has been very helpful and quick to respond to my emails, and everyone else who uses her says the same thing.  My dress came in a month and 1/2 early and is perfect.  I would recommend Lee Philip Bridal to anyone!

Ta Da! (Please excuse the hair and lack of make-up.)

Ceremony shoes.  Plain, simple, and lower so that I won't be taller than James.

Reception shoes.  Green, gaudy, and tacky-yet-cute.  Love them!

My veil, but a different dress.  It is my mom's veil from 1979 when she married my dad.  They just celebrated their 29th anniversary, so hopefully it will be good luck.  She tells me that she spent more money buying this veil than she had spent on her wedding dress.  I remember playing with it when I was little, thinking it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

Back of my veil. The dress I am trying on is actually the dress my sister ended up picking for herself.

San Patrick gown I bought for $115 at a sample sale, but later decided against.  Its a size 14.  If anyone wants it for really cheap, just let me know!


My e-ring. I love it!

The whole set.

Just the band. I have to wear it like this for work.

James's ring.

Ceremony and Reception Location - The Convent
Photographer - Jason Speros
Dress and Bridesmaid Dresses- Lee Philip Bridals
Florist - Eden's Echo
Ceremony Music - Allegretto Music
Minibus for Guests - Universal Travel: Lucy 210-584-2670
Tuxes - Al's Formalwear
Since James is a teacher, he can't really take off for a week in the middle of January, but we still wanted to do something right after to celebrate our wedded-ness. We will be staying 3 nights at the Hotel Contessa in San Antonio for what we have dubbed our minimoon. We will be in a balcony suite overlooking the Riverwalk.

Real Honeymoon

Choosing a destination for our honeymoon was a challenge for us for a number of reasons. We are going over James' Spring Break so unless we want to party on the beach with a bunch of drunk college kids, that leaves out Mexico, Bahamas, Jamacia and some others. We also were working with a limited budget and we didn't want to spend half of it on airfare or spend more than a day traveling to get there which knocked out almost all the other places in the Caribbean. I wanted beach, he wanted action, neither of us wanted an all-inclusive. In the end, we had...

We will be spending 3 nights at the Arenal Volcano and 3 nights on the beach in Guanacaste.

We will fly into San Jose on  Friday night and spend the night at the Adventure Inn. Bright and early the next morning we will hop in our 4WD rental and head the the Arenal Volcano, where we will stay at Lomas del Volcan. Its not on the lava flow side, but it does have a great view of the volcano itself. Each of the rooms is private bungalow set up on a hill.

After 3 action packed days (ziplining, canyoning, white water rafting, hiking, horseback riding, hot springs!) we will hop back in our little 4WD and go to the beautiful and luxurious Punta Islita Hotel. There we will do nothing but realx in our private hot tub, eat great food, get massages, and maybe some surfing lessons.

Then, for that last little bit of adventure, we will board this plane...

leaving from this airport (yes, that is the airport)

and fly back to San Jose, stay another night at the Adventure Inn and we will leave to go home in the morning.

Engagement Pictures
Our pictures were taken by Jason Speros.  He is an up and coming photographer, and thus, gave us a great deal.  We took them in Austin on South Congress in the middle of June.  I do not recommend outdoors in the middle of summer in Texas for any sort of portrait session.  It was hot, but I think we still go some great shots.  Here are some of my favorites.

Weight Loss  
I lost about 45 lbs. between March and August 2007.  I know that during my weight loss, it helped me to see pictures of people that had succeeded in reaching their goals in order to keep me motivated .  That is why I have included my before and after pictures in my bio.  In my after picture, I am 165 lbs and size 12 and I am 5'9.  I decided how much to lose based solely on how I felt.  The biggest mistake people make when losing weight it doing it to reach a certain number.  If you had asked me a year ago what my ideal weight was, I would have told you 145 lbs.  I can't imagine what losing another 20 lbs. would make me look like now.

 I decided to lose weight because of several reasons.  To be healthier, look better in my clothes, but mostly because I am a nutritionist, so I felt it was my responsibility to live the way I encourage my clients to live.  If anyone ever has any questions about healthy eating or losing weight, feel free to email me.

 Size 16

 Size 12

We got Bella about a year ago.  James found her outside my old apartment and she followed him home and ran inside.  She is the sweetest cat ever and acts more like a dog than a cat. 

Delilah is a 6 month old lab and border collie mix.   I adopted her a couple weeks ago and she is a total sweetheart.