It’s a Pi Celebration!


This WebQuest is directed towards high school Geometry students learning about mathematical Pi.  “It’s a Pi Celebration” allows students to learn the history of Pi, explore Pi through the use of Geometer’s Sketchpad, apply their math skills, and produce a final product that they can be proud of.

Please note, students must have access to the Geometer's Sketchpad activity book in order to complete one of the assignments.


Every year people around the world break out in celebration on March 14th…but why?  Everywhere you go people are screaming “3.14, 3.14”!  And it seems as though everyone has gone completely out of their minds.  What is 3.14?  Everyone you ask tells you it is Pi. Pi?!  You don’t see anything edible at all about 3.14…they’re numbers.  So what’s going on?!  It is your job to investigate this “non-edible Pi”.  Go through the following activities and find out why everyone is celebrating Pi.