Electronic Portfolio 

Presented by: Leigh Ann Forde 

Welcome to my E-Portfolio!  

Please note that my portfolio focuses on High School Mathematics Education.  It is also still in construction, so please keep checking for new additions!

In this web site you can find the following:

  1. Site Map - Shows the overall layout of my E-Portfolio.
  2. About Me - Contains information about me.
  3. Technology Standards - Lists the technology standards for all Fairfax County Public School Teachers.
  4. Technology Evaluation - Explains how I would like to evaluate my use of technology. 
  5.  Graduate Artifacts - Contains some of my graduate work , with a focus on Educating Exceptional Learners and Integrating Technology into the Classroom.  
  6. Undergraduate Artifacts - Contains some of my undergraduate work in the field of Education.
  7. Contact Me - Contain my contact information.