Welcome Salk Students!

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Below you will find resources for our class. Click on the class that you are in to go to our class' home page

Fall 2016 Office Hours

Wednesday - Friday, 2:30 - 3:30pm or by appointment

Any math related questions, email me at jake@leiboldmath.com or jacob.leibold@salkschool.org

Twitter: @leiboldmath

Resources for all students:

TI - 84 Calculator for your home computer: Wabbit Emu (Please read the instructions below when installing the calculator)

If you are having trouble finding a ROM automatically, download the TI84 ROM here: http://mgulden.is2.byuh.edu/Ti%20Calculator/

**If you have an Android phone, you can also download the Wabbit as an app... for free!!**

Online Graphing Calculator: Desmos

There are a lot of practice problems and assignments located on Deltamath. Also included are a lot of helpful videos AND detailed answers instantly to problems you get correct or incorrect. All of the Trig students have an account, but if you need to make a new one:
2) Click on "Create New Account"
3) Enter Mr. Leibold's Teacher Code: 235406
4) Click "Yes"
5) Fill in your information with a correct name and email
6) Select your class
7) Click on the assignment listed and start practicing!