Evolutionary of the Individual Behavior and the Social Phenomena


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Xu Bin 

          Professor, College of Public Administration,
Zhejiang Gongshang Univ.

Wang Zhijian

(Theoretical Physics, ZJU, 1995),
ICSS, Zhejiang University

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Public Goods Games 
In a Primary School, 150 km South of Hangzhou.
(Oct.9, 2009)

have kindly agreed to pay a visit to Our Lab
Within Oct.31-Nov.3, 2009
(Sept. 21, 2009)

2009 North American ESA Conference, Tucson, AZ

Nov 12-14, 2009

Tucson, AZ


"Phase diagram of prisoner dilemma:
empirical evidence from the human subjects experiments"
By Xu Bin, Qiqi Cheng
September 18, 2009 (FRIDAY)
University of Innsbruck
Innsbruck, Austria

Integration of Z-Tree Platform and our Experimental G_G Platform
System Developing & Testing
2009-07-03 ~ 2009-09-01
Delay to Dec. 2009

Prisoner Dilemma Games Under the Shadow of Future
in Middle School Students

 Prisoner Dilemma Games Under the Shadow of Future
City Collage of Zhejiang Univ.

 Prisoner Dilemma Games Under the Shadow of Future
Collage of Fujian Police Officer

Prisoner Dilemma Games 
A Primary School, Hangzhou.
Prisoner Dilemma Games Under the Shadow of Future
Public Administration Collage of Zhejiang Univ.
Prisoner Dilemma Games Under the Shadow of Future
Economic Collage of Zhejiang Univ.

Prisoner Dilemma Games Under the Shadow of Future
 Zhejiang Univ. of Finance and Economics

Prisoner Dilemma Games Under the Shadow of Future
Prisoner Dilemma Game on Socal Network
Economic Collage of Zhejiang Univ.

Games on Public Choice on 2 Dimensional Policy Space
Public Administration Collage of Zhejiang Gongshang Univ.

 Prisoners' Dilemma Phase Diagram Result Checking Independence
New Lab for Both Zhejiang Univ. & Zhejiang Gongshang Univ.
Designing Is on Proceeding
 Experiments on Lemom Market Cancelled

Experiments on Public Goods Game in  Ring vs. Icosahedral Social Network

Experiments on Prisoners Dilemma in Icosahedral Social Network

Experiments on Market Structures & Equilibrium

Phase Diagram of Prisoners Dilemma in Finite Population and Possibility of Continuation

Literatures Analysis, On Trust Games

The Market Experiment (Feb.17) Cancel, for both Equipment & the Market Software Belta Testing Delay.(2009-02-13)

Market Experiment,  Feb. 17, 2009

Zhijian Wang,
Oct 7, 2009, 6:24 AM
Zhijian Wang,
Sep 9, 2009, 10:59 PM