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Purple fill-in-the-blank

The _________________was the name of Master Okazaki's school (dojo) in Hawaii. The name may be translated as the ___________ of the ____________ ____________ or as the school in which __________ students _____________ the tradition. Both translations are accurate. The method of instruction requires senior students to teach less advanced students in the spirit that Master Okazaki declared was inherent in the Hawaiian word Kokua, which mean to mutually _________ one another." 

The American Judo and Jijitsu Federation (AJJF) traces its history from Master Okazaki. Several of his students came to the mainland in the late 1930’s, established schools, and began teaching the techniques of Danzan Ryu. Four of Master Okazaki's students, founders _______________ ____________ , ___________ ____________ , ____________ ___________ , and __________ ____________ wished to help fulfill Master Okazaki's dream of having a Danzan Ryu Jujitsu school in every state of the union. They founded the AJJF, which was incorporated as a non-profit organization in the state of ______________ on May 21, _________.