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Green fill-in-the-blank

The Esoteric Teachings of
Professor Henry S. Okazaki
Master of the KoDenKan

Since the fundamental ___________ acquired through the practice of Jujitsu has been elevated to a finer moral concept called _________, "The Way of Gentleness," it may well be said that the primary objective of practicing Judo is _____________ of character. And to perfect one's character one must be grateful for the abundant blessings of __________, Earth, and _________, as well as for the great love of __________; one must realize his enormous debt to ___________ and be ever mindful of his obligations to the general __________.

As a member of a family, one's first duty is to be filial to __________, to be helpful and harmonious with one's _________ or ____________, and to be affectionate to _____________ and ___________, so that the family may be a sound, successful, and harmonious unit of the community.

As a member of a nation one must be grateful for the protection which one derives as a ___________; one must guard against self-interest and foster a spirit of social ___________. One must be discreet in action, yet hold courage in high regard, and strive to cultivate manliness. One must be gentle, ___________, polite, and resourceful; never eccentric, but striving always to practice _______________ in all things. One must realize that these qualities constitute the secret of the practice of Judo.

Anyone who practices Judo should neither be __________ of the ___________ nor despise the __________; nor should he act contrary to the strength of his enemy because of the art he has acquired. For example, when a boat is set afloat on water, one man's strength is sufficient to move the boat back and forth. This is only possible because the boat floats; for if, on the other hand, the boat is placed on dry land, the same man's strength is scarcely sufficient to move it. It is necessary, therefore, that the ________ should learn this fact with regard to the _________.

The forms and ____________ should be remembered as the basic art of Judo. One should never use these arts against anyone without sufficient ______________. Therefore, refrain from arrogance and do not despise a small enemy or a weak opponent. Every student of Judo should realize that ____________ is the foundation of all virtues. ____________ is the secret of business prosperity. Amiability is the essence of success. Working pleasantly is the mother of health. Strenuous effort and diligence conquer adverse circumstances. Simplicity, fortitude, and manliness are the keys to joy and gladness; and ____________ to humanity is the fountain of mutual existence and common prosperity.
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