Women's Self Defense

In the preface of the book The Science of Self-Defense for Girls and Women, by Professor Okazaki, we read:

“Women are physically weaker than men and, hence, numerous laws have been enacted for their welfare, protection, and happiness. These laws, alone, will not protect and save the weaker sex at all times…
“Women should have some knowledge of how to protect themselves. Nature gave women aids for self protection with fingernails and knuckles. Modern women give little or no attention to these means of protections… A little study and a few exercises will give women some of their lost powers in self defense.
“…I have devised a scientific set of self defense acts for women. Young girls who have learned the art of self defense herein described have been able to render powerful men helpless…
“I cannot keep this art to myself for I wish to teach girls and women how best to protect themselves should they ever be so unfortunate as to be attacked. I feel it is my duty to offer this knowledge of mine to women for their benefit and welfare. I wish to help those persons considered weak. My science of defense will make any woman powerful in self protection. This fact has encouraged me to write this text book for girls and women. How happy I will be if any woman is benefitted by this science of self defense!
Henry Seishiro Okazaki”