Wellness and Fitness

The Importance of Fitness and Wellness

We all know that being healthy and physically fit has a number of positive benefits.

When we feel better we're happier and more pleasant to be around. We also have more energy during the day, and we enjoy our work, school, and other activities more. The better we feel physically and mentally, the more productive we tend to be.

However, many of us probably don't realize that by improving our Fitness and Wellness, we also improve our performance "on the mat." Studies show that when we are more healthy and physically fit, we typically have fewer accidents, because we are more alert and can more easily avoid problem situations when they arise. This is particularly important while learning and performing Jujitsu and other self-defense techniques, which can be potentially dangerous if not performed properly.

We seem to be able to accomplish more when we are feeling "up to snuff." Unfortunately, many of us don't take the time necessary to implement a good personal Fitness and Wellness program. It might be because we're not sure exactly what we should do to set up our own program, or it might be that we don't know where to go for the assistance we need to help adjust some of our lifestyle habits.

There are many Fitness and Wellness "bad habits" that we often develop as a normal part of life, such as long hours and inadequate sleep, increased caffeine consumption, an unbalanced diet, and lack of exercise. Any one of these bad habits can have negative consequences, but combinations of these can have more severe consequences, such as increased blood pressure, ulcers, and stroke.

Lifestyle habits that are bad for us are generally called Negative Lifestyle Factors, and consist of things such as overeating and suffering from too much stress. Negative Lifestyle Factors may contribute to our "Personal Health Risk," which can result in an increased susceptibility to illness and a lack of energy.

Better Fitness and Wellness is a gradual process, and it is best approached one step at a time. Small changes in our lifestyle can produce significant benefits.

Stress can be another major health problem. Stress is a normal part of everyday life, but if left unchecked, excess stress can make it difficult to relax and think clearly, cause high blood pressure and stomach ulcers, lead to emotional illness, cause back and muscle problems, and even contribute to heart disease. Taking time to relax is key to stress reduction. Some ways to do this might be to practice deep-breathing exercises, stretching exercises, taking time to "have fun," and receiving professional counseling when necessary.

High blood pressure is an extremely important topic. High blood pressure can also be stress related, and it often has no sure set of symptoms. However, what is sure about high blood pressure is that it can have disastrous results, including blindness, stroke or kidney failure. High blood pressure can be hereditary, so you should check to see if it runs in your family. Overweight people tend to be more susceptible to high blood pressure than thinner people, and although we typically think of adults as potentially suffering from high blood pressure, we need to remember that even young people can get it. The best way to combat high blood pressure is through early detection and treatment. It may be beneficial to use less salt, increase your exercise, lose excess pounds, and frequently monitor your blood pressure.

Maintaining a proper and nutritious diet is also important to Fitness and Wellness, as is weight control, since being overweight can increase the chances of heart disease and high blood pressure.


Exercise goes hand-in-hand with dieting for weight control. It burns off calories to balance food intake and can lower your risk of heart disease and stroke.


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