Okazaki's Personal History

The following is the history of Professor Henry Seishiro Okazaki, translated from his own words.

I was born in the town of Kakeda, in the county of Date, Fukushima prefecture, Japan. I came to Hawaii in Meiji 39 (1906 A.D.). When I was 19 years of age, a certain doctor of medicine in Hilo, on the island of Hawaii, gave me a diagnosis of having tuberculosis of the lung. Because of this, I laid down my life. At that time there was Shin Yu Kai Dojo in Hilo City owned by Mister Kichimatsu Tanaka, a professor of Judo, to whom I knocked on his gate to become his student. Assuming that I was a dead man, I practiced Judo with all my strength at the risk of my life. During this time, strangely enough, I had a complete recovery of health from the sickness, and I became the owner of a body as if made of iron! Therefore, I was convinced that my whole life was a gift from Judo and thereafter my whole life should be devoted in behalf to Judo. In Hilo City, I also studied and mastered Yoshin Ryu, Iwaga Ryu, and Kosogabe Ryu. Furthermore, I learned Ryukyu Karate Jitsu - the Okinawan form of the Chinese hand techniques, the Philippine knife techniques, and so forth. I personally forged these forms of martial arts into one and created my own Danzan Ryu. Incidentally, in September of 1922, the champion of the American boxing world, Morrison, came to Hawaii and we had a contest. I beat on him in splendid fashion and won. By this I caused people in foreign countries, and in my own country, to acknowledge and appreciate the good reputation of Japanese Judo. Then next in the imperial year of Taisho 13, 1924 year A.D., travelling to Japan, from Morioka City in the north, I proceeded as far as Kagoshima City in the south. I visited more than 50 Judo schools on the tour of visitation. I studied and researched the 'okugi' - the very secret techniques. I
acquired 675 techniques, and Judo third grade certificate. I returned to home port in Hawaii, stayed on Maui island for a while, and was engaged in the teaching of Judo. However, in 1929 I bought an office on South Hotel Street; Nikko-Sunshine, a residence of Mr. Chester Dole. The Okazaki Seifukujitsu Institute was established. At the same time the Kodenkan was founded and advertised. I taught generally and widely of Judo to all people, both nationals and foreigners alike. This is what I am doing until this day.