April 2012

The student of the Month for April is Jordon Willes. Jordon is the second of three siblings. He has an older brother and a younger sister. He has always lived in Lehi and has moved only about two miles from his first home. Jordon was named after a famous basketball player that his dad loved, "Michael Jordon." His dad actually wanted to call him that, but his mom said "No way!" so the decided on Jordon.
Jordon is a great kid. He is very thoughtful and respectful to others. He loves to build and put things together. When he gets older he wants to be an architect. He likes to play sports, and his mom makes him take piano (which he is really good at) and he loves Jujitsu. It took about three years of convincing Mom to let him do Jujitsu, and I'm glad we did because he really enjoys it.