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Online Resources

A few of our favorite web resources:

La Leche League of Eastern PA

La Leche League International


San Diego Breastfeeding Center

Breastfeeding Podcasts from Dr. Anne Eglash, founder of The Milk Mob

Breastfeeding How To videos:

Global Health Media Project has 9 new videos designed to help breastfeeding mothers. Free download in multiple languages at

Support for pumping at work:

Information on medications and other health topics:

National Institutes of Health, US Library of Medicine

Dr. Thomas Hale, Infant Risk Center

Tools for tracking weight and growth:

Newborn Weight Loss Tool (0-72hrs)

WHO Growth Charts (0-2yrs)

A few of our favorite apps:

Text4Baby FREE text messages with healthy tips for you and baby, FREE app

LactMed FREE app of National Library of Medicine's database of medications and other chemicals

MommyMeds Texas Tech/Infant Risk Center's database of medications and other chemicals

Coffective FREE app for pregnant moms and their "champions" educating about Baby-Friendly Hospital practices

Breastfeeding Solutions Troubleshooting for common breastfeeding problems from Nancy Mohrbacher, IBCLC

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