Email troubleshooting

Hello LVBC community!

We heard that some of you may not have received the emails we send.  There are two reasons this may have happened.

1 - Your email provider (or your institution's IT department) may have spam-filtered our email from your regular email list.  To help avoid this from happening again in the future, please add our emails to your Contact List.  Most of our emails come from or although some may come from Executive Officers, SurveyMonkey, MailChimp, or other platforms we are trying out as we expand our membership.
A few institutions have automatically unsubscribed their users from our email list. Please consider using a personal email account to resubscribe.
**Rest assured, we will NEVER sell or share your email address!**

2 - The other reason you may not have received our emails is that your current email may not be on our email distribution list at all due to a change in address or a misinterpretation of handwriting on a sign up sheet.

If you think you are not receiving emails, or, if you know someone who thinks they are not, AND if you checked the spam/junk/social/promotions folders and didn't find the email in there, please let us know right away!  You can EMAIL US at with your email address to be added.

Aside from our email list, we also post our events on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. If you are on Facebook and want to be sure you are seeing ALL OF OUR POSTS, you have to LIKE our page, and then go to our page and where it says "Following" you click that and choose the "See First" option.  Any other option listed there will not ensure you will see all of our posts.  Hope this helps!

Sorry again for any inconvenience this situation may have caused you.  Thanks for being a part of our LVBC community!