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Meet Our Members!

Executive Officers

Chair - Christine Roca, IBCLC -  La Leche League
Christine has been an active La Leche League Leader since 2008, volunteering her time to provide mother-to-mother breastfeeding support, speak at area conferences, and train new LLL leaders. She is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and a private practice lactation consultation serving the Lehigh Valley. With a degree in biology from King's College, Christine is fascinated by the latest breastfeeding research and loves to correlate the science with the art of breastfeeding.

Vice Chair - 
Leila Nassar, IBCLC, MA - LVPG Pediatrics (formerly ABC Pediatrics)
Leila is an Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant and a proud mother of two beautiful children, both who support breastfeeding rights. She works for LVPG Pediatrics as a lactation consultant, a medical assistant, and a trained Arabic medical interpreter. She has always had a passion for advocating for breastfeeding rights, A member of the coalition from the time it was founded, she continues to play an active role. As a first-generation American, she especially sees the importance of promoting breastfeeding in the Lehigh Valley which contains a wide diversity of cultures

 Treasurer - Jennifer Abdul-Rahman, RN, IBCLC - LVHN, La Leche League
Jennifer Abdul-Rahman is a Registered Nurse, IBCLC, and mom of three boys. She became an advocate for breastfeeding mothers after discovering the joys, difficulties, and obstacles of breastfeeding her own two sons. She is a La Leche League leader for Lehigh County and strives to meet mothers on their breastfeeding journey and help them reach their goals.

Secretary - Alyssa Mierta, CLC, La Leche League
Alyssa was encouraged to begin attending LVBC meetings when her older son was barely a year old. Through  involvement in the Coalition and La Leche League, and the medical complications of my second child, she realized the importance of having good support. She is passionate about helping others find the support they need to meet (or exceed) their breastfeeding goals. 

Alyssa earned her degree in Engineering and multiple teacher certifications through several Lehigh Valley colleges, and was a teacher in Allentown School District. She has been involved locally with Girls on the Run, Girl Scouts of Eastern Pa, and other local organizations focused on women and children. She believes in empowerment through education and community support.

Steering Committee

Jacqueline Garnett-Hill, CLC, CHW

Kim Stengele, CLC, Allentown Health Bureau

Sue Madeja, RN, MSN, CLC, Bethlehem Heatlh Bureau

Jillian Meyer, CLC, WIC, MFHS

Friends of the Coalition

Patty Gatter, 
The Breastfeeding Shop