2016 Lehigh Laxfest Tournament Rules



·         Mouthguards, must be worn at all times

·         Players may only compete for one team during the event

·         All penalties are 1 minute, as games are in “running-time”.  Officials can extend penalties beyond 1 minute if warranted.

·         Penalties begin on the referee’s re-start.

·         Any fighting or flagrant disrespect towards an official will result in expulsion for the remainder of the tournament.  No exceptions, no refunds.

·         Teams must be available for all games.  Please remember that many teams travel great distances for this event expecting to play a minimum of 4 games, and we rely on your professionalism to hold that commitment.

·         Referees are in charge of each individual field during gameplay, and may use their discretion to override a tournament rule if he feels necessary to do so.  They have final say.




·         Games consist of two 19-minute halves, and a 2 minute halftime.

·         There are no time outs.

·         Game times are kept at tournament HQ using an airhorn system.

o    One long airhorn blasts is used to start and stop each half

o    Two short airhorn blasts signals 2-minutes remaining (used in 2nd half only)

·         IMPORTANT:  Field 2 is an older “astroturf” field (not field turf).  It is recommended that you bring appropriate footwear should you have a game on this field.  Sneakers or turf shoes.  Cleats are appropriate on all other fields.

·         Tie games will be settled with a “braveheart” competition, unless it is a playoff game.

o    Braveheart:  Each team fields 1 player and 1 goalie, starting with a faceoff.  Only 1 player per team is allowed on the offensive side of the midfield line.  Goalies can cross if the middie stays back.  NO substitutions. 

§  If a penalty occurs, the following rules apply:

·         Loose ball technical foul:  Possession awarded to fouled team

·         Technical foul with possession:  Possession awarded at spot w/ 5-yard head start

·         Personal foul with possession:  Player who fouled receives a 1-minute penalty.  (yes, that results in a 1 v 0 with goalies, and goalie with no middie can cross mid-field).

o    SEMI-FINAL AND CHAMPIONSHIP GAMES:  Settled 10v10, first goal wins.  Not Braveheart.



·         Follow standard US Lacrosse rules.  No clearing counts.  Winning team keep it in the box last 2 minutes.

·         No one-handed checks.

·         Goalies must wear elbow pads.

·         A mercy rule is in effect if one team has a lead of 8 or more goals.  In this situation, the team trailing has the choice of starting with a free clear, or a faceoff.



·         NFHS clearing rules are in effect.  Winning team keep it in the box last 2 minutes

·         A mercy rule is in effect if one tea has a lead of 8 or more goals.  In this situation, the team trailing has the choice of starting with a free clear, or a faceoff.



·         There are no rain dates for this event.  Assume that games will be played on their scheduled dates.

·         If inclement weather causes a game stoppage (i.e. lightning), the following rules apply:

o    Play will stop until the head official deems conditions are safe to resume play

o    If play stops in the first half of a game, the game resumes with the beginning of the 2nd half.

o    If play stops in the 2nd half of a game, the game ends immediately.  The team in the lead gets the win.  If tied, a braveheart takes place when play resumes.

o    If the delay is substantial, Tournament HQ may decide to shorten some games until the event is back on-time.until the event is back on-time.