Legutka - LEGUTKA tends to be the female form of the LEGUTK_ name.
Legutke - LEGUTKE has been found in records from Germany
Legutki - LEGUTKI has been found in United States (Illinois, Florida, Ohio)
Legutko - LEGUTKO has been found in... Australia, Canada, Poland, United States
Legutky - LEGUTKY has been found in a record from Switzerland

In Cyrillic:
Грег Легуткий

Once we get as much info as we can with the above, we'll start with other variants, such at LAGUTKE, LUGUTKO, etc.

Ancestral Homeland, The Polish Partition: You may have heard that your ancestors aren't from Poland. Perhaps you have heard they are from Austria, or Germany, or Russia. For over 100 years, there was no Poland. Poland had been divided between Austria (the southern part, also known as Galicia, the eastern part that went to Russia, and the western part to Germany. Sometimes the records showed Austria Poland or Poland Austria. This can be confusing, but with a little research ancestral homes can be found.

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Facebook posting 08/22/09:
I've begun mapping Facebook Legutka, Legutke, Legutki, Legutko, and Legutky people on a Google map. After Labor Day I'll be asking you to share family information to try to put groups together prior to my research trip to Salt Lake City in Spring 2010. Hope you'll join the project!