Fried Egg

2-4 tsp butter or olive oil
2-4 eggs, room temperature
2-4 oz smoked gouda, shaved
pinch fresh black pepper & smoked sea salt
1-2 tsp fresh or dried thyme

In a small skillet over medium-heat heat, add 1 tsp butter or oil. Then gently crack an egg over the skillet to ensure the white stays close to the yolk. To cook the egg over medium, allow to cook for 3 min on the first side. Then use a spatula to flip over and cook for 2 min. Remove from the skillet to a plate and cook the remaining eggs.

On each serving plate, add the desired amount of home fries, then top with a fried egg. Garnish with smoked gouda, fresh pepper, smoked sea salt, and fresh thyme.

~Yields 2-4 servings, depending on desired serving size.

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